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Winter Reading

January 1–31, 2022
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Winter Reading is done for 2022, and will return in 2023!

Learn with free online classes and virtual museum tours, or check out some replays of our Elements of Utah series discussing Utah's changing landscape with local experts.

Read everything from comic books and magazines to audiobooks and newspapers. You can even read to kids, friends, and family members. Check out our catalog and digital library for reading materials, or download a Winter Reading list:









Play by participating in healthy activities. Make a video of yourself doing something you love.

Create by drawing, cooking, designing, sculpting, and constructing. Our calendar is full of fun creative ideas and our Create Spaces offer everything from robotics and VR to audio and video recording.

Connect with friends, family, strangers, and your community. January is Mentoring month. Thank someone who has mentored you. Host an online party or partake in County Library digital events like the Adult Lecture Series. Play games or just perform a random act of kindness. There are so many ways to connect.