Reserve a Room

Study Rooms are now available at some locations.

The County Library is committed to providing a great place for everyone to visit and to providing dedicated space that individuals and groups may reserve for studying, meetings, training, and other events of a civic, cultural or educational nature.


Utilization of public meeting spaces is a benefit for The County Library card holders. County Library card holders may reserve public meeting spaces online, in the branch, or by phone. Individuals without a County Library card are encouraged to obtain a card or sign up for a temporary card.

Space Amenities

Study Rooms may be reserved for individual study and can accommodate up to 14 people, depending on location.

Meeting Rooms may accommodate up to 99 people, depending on location.

Table, chairs and projection screens are available.

Pianos are available at Kearns, Sandy, Tyler, West Valley and Whitmore.

Please review and accept the Terms and Conditions below prior to applying for use.

User(s) must comply with the Public Meeting Space Reservations and the Library Use and Behavior policies.

  • Public meeting space may be reserved a total of 52 times per calendar year.
  • Light snacks and beverages are permitted.
  • All meetings and activities must be free and open to the public.
  • Meetings or activities must not have admission fees.
  • Products or services may not be sold.
  • Meetings must be for something other than to solicit donations or contributions.
  • Meetings and activities cannot interfere with County Library business, to include parking availability for other patrons.
  • Any materials promoting the meeting or activity must not reference the County Library as a sponsor or supporter of the meeting or activity. Meeting or activity materials posted within the County Library must adhere to the Bulletin Board and Community Information Policy.
  • Individuals or groups are responsible for setup, cleanup and returning furniture and equipment to original locations.
  • Charges may be assessed on the account of the responsible party for damages or failure to uphold User Responsibilities.
  • If the individual reserving a room is a minor, the legal guardian is responsible for damages or breach of agreement.
  • Individuals and/or groups may not store their property in the County Library.
  • Failure to vacate public meeting space at the end of the scheduled reservation and/or upon request by library staff may result in loss future use of public meeting spaces.
  • The presence or use of any firearms, live ammunition, or hazardous substances are restricted without prior Library Board approval, unless otherwise authorized by law. This restriction does not apply to law enforcement personnel, in the course of their duties or in accordance with State law.
  • If a reserved Meeting or Study Room is not occupied by the Responsible Party within fifteen (15) minutes of the reservation start time, the space becomes available for others to use.

For more information, please read the full Public Meeting Space Policy