So Long Kids Late Fees

Beginning April 11

All County Library branches

So Long Kids Late Fees at the County Library

Starting April 11, 2024, overdue fines on items categorized as books, music, or movies for kids and teens will no longer be assessed. Spend time exploring new worlds, characters, and adventures instead of spending money!

¡Adiós a las multas por retraso para niños!

A partir del 11 de abril de 2024, ya no se impondrán multas vencidas sobre artículos clasificados como libros, música o películas para niños y adolescentes. ¡Así que pase tiempo explorando nuevos mundos, personajes y aventuras en lugar de gastar dinero!

This change to late fees applies to items categorized as books, music, or movies for kids and teens. This includes audiobooks, read-alongs, Spanish, and YA nonfiction. It does not include any Library of Things materials for kids (tablets, nature kits, storytime backpacks.)

This change comes from a pilot program launched in summer of 2023 that was at the request of Salt Lake County Council Members. The Salt Lake County Mayor puts forward budget priorities for the year, and the County Council votes on the budget. The council voted to approve getting rid of late fees for kids and teen materials. Since the late fees apply to items, if adults check out kids materials on their card, those items will not incur late fees, even though it is an adult card.

The pilot and budget request was specifically for kids and teen materials. If you have an opinion about late fees on adult fiction and nonfiction materials, we encourage you to contact your County Council representatives. If you need assistance finding who your representatives are, please visit

No. Late fees that have already been assessed will not be removed from accounts. The County Library has programs throughout the year where patrons can have some fines waived, including the annual Summer Reading program.

Student cards are not affected. Students are allowed to have three items out at one time, and items need to be returned before additional items can be checked out. Student cards do not accrue fines, however, items on student cards are billed 21 days after the last due date. Fees are removed if the item is returned in good condition.

Materials that are lost or long overdue will be billed 21 days after the last due date to replace the item. If a patron returns those items, the charge to replace the item will be removed as long as the items are in good condition and not have been deleted from the catalog. See our policies for more details.

All items that are not categorized as books, music, or movies for kids and teens will still incur late fees if they are returned after the due date.

Materials need to be returned to the library by the close of business on the day they are due. After that, late fees will be assessed every day of the week (Monday-Sunday), until the item is returned.

The best way to avoid late fees is to keep track of the due dates for your items and return them on time.