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Bingham Creek branch will be temporarily closed February 20 and will reopen March 25.
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All Abilities

Friday, April 26, 10 am–Noon
All Abilities at the County Library


Interactive activities for all abilities

Explore this unique and inclusive event and discover nature, animals, science, crafts, and games in a welcoming and fun environment for individuals with neuro and physical divergence. This interactive gathering is open to people of all ages and abilities, and it is designed to foster a sense of community.

A dedicated quiet area will be available for individuals seeking a retreat for relaxation and sensory comfort amid the vibrant happenings at All Ability Discovery. Activities available to explore and enjoy include hands-on recipes, creative crafts, handmade musical instruments, fingerprint painting, and so much more!

Branch-specific activities will also be available for those who can’t attend the All Ability Discovery event. Click here to find additional programs. 


Library's Viridian Event Center

8030 S 1825 W
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