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Career Help

You can download resumé templates, get interview coaching from live experts, submit your resumé to receive expert feedback, and get helpful tips for interview success by signing in to one of the County’s premium online resources listed here or some online resources.

Resumé Assistance, Expert Feedback, and Resources

  • Live Resumé Expert

    Get resumé assistance (1–11 pm) from a live expert on Brainfuse: JobNow's main page, upload your resumé and receive expert feedback within 24 hours after submitting or check out online resources to help you prepare your resumé.

    Live Resumé Expert

  • LinkedIn Learning

    Search and take expert lead video courses to help you make over a lackluster resumé into something truly special.

    LinkedIn Learning

  • Optimal Resumé

    You can access this online platform from Brainfuse: JobNow's main page to locate information you need for writing resumés and cover letters, managing online portfolios and developing interviewing skills.

    Optimal Resumé

  • ResumeBuilder

    You generally still need an impressive resume to score a position even when your area has plenty of job openings. After all, it’s unlikely you’ll be the only applicant, so you need something that sets you apart from other job hunters.


Resumé Templates

You can get some general job help such as job search tips, interview tips, internships, student jobs or job offer advice such as evaluating a job offer and salary estimator by signing in to one of the County’s premium online resources listed here or learn job search strategies from the listed websites.

Job Search

  • Live Job Coach

    Get expert help with searching, applying and preparing for jobs, completing unemployment benefit forms or conducting career assessments designed to help you find careers that match your personality and interests by clicking the link under the Career section on the Brainfuse: JobNow’s main page. Coaches are available every day from 1:00 PM - 11:00 PM MDT.

    Live Job Coach

  • Job & Career Accelerator

    Find a career match based on either interests or skills, explore occupations and search for jobs and internships

    Job & Career Accelerator

  • eParachute

    Discover your most loved strengths, explore potential career paths and see how well your career matches what you love to do most by clicking the link from Brainfuse: JobNow’s Career section.


  • U.S. Jobs/Internships

    Find your next job with a mapping tool and view results with detailed business profiles, get job search tips, evaluate job offers, and find the current job market, internships and student jobs on this Data Axle Reference Solutions’ module.

    U.S. Jobs/Internships

  • Glassdoor Career Guide

    Advice from Glassdoor site to help you navigate your career journey.

    Glassdoor Career Guide

  • The Most In-Demand Job Skill

    Before you start pinpointing attractive jobs and applying, you may want to revise your resume to make sure it includes the most in-demand skill employers are seeking in a post-pandemic world.


Job Interviews

You can take online classes and learn computer skills by signing in to one of the County’s premium online resources listed here or taking courses from the listed websites.

Setup Email Accounts; Learn Microsoft Office and Computer Skills

  • LinkedIn Learning

    Take some online video courses on how to set up your email accounts, master different levels of Microsoft Office and computer programming by typing in search keywords in the search box or browse topics on the LinkedIn Learning main page.

    LinkedIn Learning

  • Popular Software Skills Center

    Learn some Microsoft Outlook basics, use social media and web tools, and take interactive video tutorials to excel basic computer skills.

    Popular Software Skills Center

  • Universal Class

    Take online computer training courses on Microsoft Outlook, Typing and Keyboarding 101, Adobe Photoshop and more by selecting one of these categories such as Computer Training, Office Skills or Web Development.

    Universal Class

  • Brainfuse: JobNow

    Select the level of your lessons to master email communication, or computer programming by clicking the Skillsurf link first, and then expand the Computers and Technology category to view these online courses.

    Brainfuse: JobNow

  • GCF Global Technology

    Learn Office, email, internet, computers, windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

    GCF Global Technology

  • Coursera

    You can locate and take some free online classes from this site by typing in “free courses” in the search box or hovering over the Explore tab to browse the free courses listed under each category on the main page.


Job/Career Preparation Tests

  • Skillsurf

    View job information and credentialing lessons, and a library of lessons, videos, tests and more by clicking the Skillsurf link first under Brainfuse JobNow’s Career section, and then expand the Career Prep and Job Resources category to view these online courses.


  • Career Preparation

    Prepare and practice professional and occupational exams and tests to improve your workplace skills.

    Career Preparation

Build skills for the workplace

  • Adult Learner Resources

    View lessons for adult learners on TABE (Test for Adult Basic Education) practice tests, writing, reading, math, U.S. citizenship and more by clicking the Skillsurf link from Brainfuse: JobNow’s main page, and then expand the category to access these lessons.

    Adult Learner Resources

  • Microsoft Learn

    A free, online training platform that provides interactive learning for Microsoft products and more.

    Microsoft Learn

  • edX

    Explore new interests and career opportunities with courses in Computer Science; Food and Nutrition; Health & Safety; Business & Management; Languages & Literature; Design and more.


  • Utah Job Seeker

    Utah Department of Workforce Services job search portal.

  • Hot Jobs in Utah

    In-demand jobs in Utah listed by industries.

  • Grow With Google

    Free training and resources to help you learn new skills, find a job, and advance your career.

  • Google Digital Garage

    Personalized training courses designed to build your confidence and help you thrive.

Popular Job Search Websites

  • Indeed

    Search jobs, find salary comparison tools and company reviews.

  • Monster

    Search jobs by location, company, title, date posted, and position length.

  • LinkUp

    With verified, up-to-date job listings directly from employer websites.

  • Scouted

    Scouted de-emphasizes traditional metrics like major, GPA, and past titles to help candidates get past the resumé screen and land jobs based on who they are, not just how they look on paper.

  • Flexjobs

    Job site to find remote, work from home, and flexible job opportunities.