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From Unwanted to Indispensable:
The Real Nurses of the Civil War,
Presented by Pamela Toler

Tuesday, March 23
7 pm
Adult Lecture Series at the County Library

Author and historian Pamela Toler will tell the story of the thousands of women who volunteered to be nurses during the American Civil War and created a profession that did not exist before the war.

Armed with a PhD in history, a well-thumbed deck of library cards, and curiosity, author, speaker, and historian Pamela D. Toler translates history for a popular audience. She goes beyond the familiar boundaries of American history to tell stories from other parts of the world, as well as history from the other side of the battlefield, the gender line, or the color bar.

Toler is the author of eight books of popular history for children and adults. The paperback version of her newest book, Women Warriors: An Unexpected History, was released in February of 2020. Her work was appeared in Aramco World, Calliope, History Channel Magazine, MHQ: The Quarterly Journal of Military History, and

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