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Fashion History: It's So Much More Than Clothes!

Monday, August 22
7 pm

Adult Lecture Series at the County Library

Presented Virtually

Fashion historian and costume consultant Amanda Hallay will highlight a selection of fashion history's most famous moments. She will discuss why empire waistlines, corsets, flapper dresses, and Victorian top hats were the product of far more important factors than fashion trends.

Formerly the fashion editor of Couture and Men Mode magazines, and the European trend forecaster for The Doneger Group, Amanda is now a professor and international lecturer who develops and presents workshops and micro-courses on fashion history, cultural history, and pop culture. She serves as a writer and consultant for The Museo de la Moda in Santiago, Chile, and is a historical consultant for the movie and gaming industries. A Grammy Award® nominee in the music educator category, Amanda is the creator and host of the popular YouTube channel The Ultimate Fashion History, and is the author of three books and numerous articles relating to fashion and culture, both past and present.

Although Amanda Hallay considers herself to be the Indiana Jones of fashion history, she is probably more like a spinster sleuth in an Agatha Christie novel, diligently piecing together the cultural clues that explain why fashion happens the way that it does.

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