The Lore

Liberterra is a demiplane created to serve as a hub for adventures to reach those in need across all planes of existence. Will you answer the call to adventure?

The Central District

This is the main home of the Arcane Institute, and contains many buildings of the immense library within the demiplane. The Arcane Institute runs under the direction of The All-Knowing Eye (the god of this demiplane, and the head librarian), though the day-to-day operations are generally overseen by the many administrators, known as the Book Keepers, whom he has put in place. The All-Knowing Eye much prefers to spend his time immersed in the endless knowledge to be found in the library. Adventurers are often shocked when they meet the All-Knowing Eye to learn that he is a Beholder. How he gained the power to achieve godhood and why he created this demiplane is a mystery that even those high up in the Arcane Institute have no answer for.

All materials coming into the demiplane go to Receiving first before being sent to their permanent library location. Receiving is run by an Ancient Silver Dragon named Rugharth, a few of his progeny, and a colony of Avariel (Winged Elves). Rugharth considers the entire library system as his personal hoard, but graciously overlooks any “lesser” being who mistakenly contradicts this impression, though of course he would never deign to mention this in front of the All-Knowing Eye. The elves are largely couriers taking materials to their destinations. There is constant activity in this building as new materials are always being brought to the demiplane.

The main tower library contains many books of wondrous power and great knowledge. It holds the bulk of the library collection and extends up higher than the human eye can see. Fortunately, it is home to a short-range teleportation system that allows non-flying creatures to travel quickly and easily to the higher floors. The main tower library also houses the Forbidden Library, which contains books and items of such power and knowledge that in the wrong hands they could cause great destruction. The All-Knowing Eye and his helpers: gazers, spectators, and observers (collectively known as the Beholderkin) run and protect the Forbidden Library.

The Personal Correspondence library is a great silent library of all personal letters, notes, declarations of love, and so forth. It is meticulously run by a member of the Undying Court of Eberron. Her name is Faelana, and while she is cold, quiet, and frankly, creepy, she is also as useful as any grandmother in talking about emotional or family problems. Her helpers are the Magen, voiceless constructs that look exactly like humans except for their green skin, and a single mortal helper, her last remaining descendant, a Half-Elf woman named Sharie Firflow, a Warlock of the Undying Pact. Sharie doesn’t get out much, her “grandmother” alternates between being overprotective and pushing her to settle down and have kids.

The Vault is a large building housing many of the items of magical power that have been brought back to the demiplane. Very few are allowed to enter the vault, and little is known about its keepers. The rumor is that it is actually run by ghosts and wraiths, but no one seems willing to confirm this.

The central district is usually pretty quiet. The Beholderkin and Magen never leave their buildings, however the Avariel do so by flying. There are two restaurants open to all. The Feathered Host is run by an Avariel woman named Qilee, and specializes in spicy breaded poultry. Fill Your Beak is run by a Halfling man named Moro Burrows, and specializes in vegetarian fare, mostly nuts and fruit dishes.

There is a single adventuring party that hangs around the central plaza for times when Rugharth or Faelana need something. They also tend to keep other groups from hanging around and causing trouble. The adventuring party is made up of:

Mouse Fairy Rogue/Druid


Fairy Rogue/Druid

Mouse likes being small and unnoticed. She tends to use her wildshape to become even smaller for sneaking and her psychic (soulknife) abilities to defend herself or attack from ambush.

Sorrow Winged Tiefling Monk


Winged Tiefling Monk

Sorrow likes using her tail to make elementally charged, unarmed attacks while using her wings to stay as much out of reach as possible.

Iridansa Sea-elf Sorcerer


Sea-Elf Sorcerer

Flighty and free-spirited, Iridansa doesn’t like being tied down to anything or anyone, and her spellcasting abilities reflect this—none of her spells require material components, and she often uses her metamagic to cast spells without needing to speak or move her hands. As a divine soul sorcerer, she is just as capable of healing as harming and she also likes teleportation spells.

Nea Alma Drow Paladin/Warlock of Eilistraee

Nea Alma

Drow Paladin/Warlock of Eilistraee

Armed only with a rapier and shield, Nea doesn’t much fit the stereotype of a Paladin, nor a Drow for that matter. Her magic is varied and potent and she often uses illusory disguises to make herself appear as a High Elf rather than Drow, but without otherwise changing her features. After long training she has also learned to counteract her disadvantages while fighting in sunlight, at least when the enemies are within reach of her blade.

Other Areas of the Demiplane:

The Fractal Fountain

The Fractal Fountain

A rotating, fifty-foot-tall, light blue, crystalline water helix that moves and thrums with pure arcane energy. Situated in the center of a yellow and red brick plaza, this tourist destination wows the traveling denizens of the multiverse as it crackles with contained magical essence. A market is set up here with a variety of curios and trinkets hailing from distant worlds finding new owners in the shadow of the fountain. Often used for local gatherings and celebrations ,the fountain seems to have a temperament that changes with the energy of the surrounding crowds, becoming agitated or restful as the crowd does.

The Canopy District

The Canopy District

In the time not long after the city outside of the Arcane Institute came into being, an attempt by a group of Druids to “add some color” to the surroundings by cultivating a garden showed that in a place of intense magical concentration few things go according to original intent. The garden grew and grew, and kept growing until the “Gardner” had to put a stop to the runaway shrubbery theirself. Now contained to a section of the city to the Northwest of the Institute, the Canopy District is formed from blades of grass as tall a buildings, woven together to form multi-layered living complexes and high-hanging shopping areas. Walkways are formed from the bark-like textures of the original stems from the garden long ago, and every corner seems to thrum with gentle, chirping life.

Leviathan's Row

Leviathan's Row

To the East of the Arcane Institute, a river stemming from a gently slumbering water primordial winds its way through rows of waterside housing, where the residents cruise the gentle rivers on small pontoons and barges for larger parties. Beneath the river is a second “kelp city” occupied by merfolk and other aquatic denizens.

The Market District

The Market District

In a much less flashy area than the Fractal Fountain, you can find the market district that the residents of Liberterra generally visit for their everyday needs. There are a number of general stores, blacksmiths, alchemists, magic shops, and more that serve both the regular populace and the adventurer’s that work with the Arcane Institute. Many unusual foods and items can be found in the merchant district because of the wide variety of residents in Liberterra.

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