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How To Play

Learn to play D&D and Liberterra

Getting Started with D&D

One of the great things about D&D is that to play you only really need pencils and paper, a set of dice, a copy of the rules, and your imagination.

Checkout this playlist of official Dungeons & Dragons "How To" videos to get a great and simple overview.

Learning Dungeons & Dragons Playlist

Getting Started with Liberterra

Liberterra offers play sessions with experienced DMs, so even if you're new, Liberterra is a perfect place to join the community and play!

Liberterra Discord

Liberterra is The County Library's D&D group. We play virtually on Discord, which can be downloaded to your computer or mobile device.

Fill out this form to join the server and head over there to chat and ask questions about getting started and playing.

Which dice do I roll?

Generally, roll your d20 first.

With dice, the number refers to how many sides a particular dice has. So your d20 (20-sided die) is your big stick in most cases.

For general choices, your DM will ask you to roll, you will pick the d20 first. Then you will add a modifier to the roll. On your character sheet, it will always have a + or – next to it.

During combat, you will roll your d20 to see if you succeed in your attack, and then you’ll roll a second, smaller dice to determine how much damage you’ve dealt. These cover the majority of your interactions.

How do you fight enemies?

When you begin in a fight, your DM will ask you to roll for “initiative,” which determines who fights in what order. Fighting takes place in rounds, when you move from the top to the bottom of the initiative order. There is no ganging up on an enemy all at once.

There are three basic types of actions you can take in combat: Move your character, attack/act, bonus action.

  • Move – Your character will have a certain number of feet they can move during your turn. These can be broken up into multiple movements, so you could move, act, and move again.
  • Attack/Act – Actions are a variety of things. Attacking is an action; so is drinking a potion, standing up from being knocked down, helping another player, etc. You get one action per turn. Unless, of course, your character has a special ability.
  • Bonus Action – Some attacks, actions, and spells are counted as a bonus action. It will specifically state it is a bonus action and if it is available to you.

Talking – Your character can talk at any time during combat and can be a great part of the fun.

These can be done in ANY order and makes the fight very customizable by you.

Adventure Awaits!

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