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What is Liberterra?

Liberterra is the name of the County Library’s Dungeons & Dragons Discord sever, as well as the name of our original setting. Learn more about the lore here.

Liberterra is a place for beginners, veterans, and aspiring DMs to play, talk about the game, share character and campaign ideas, and join together, no matter how high the stakes.

This server will be passively monitored by library staff to help ensure it is a safe place for everyone.

What is Discord?

Discord is a voice, video, and chat software that lets you connect and communicated with friends and communities. It can be run on computer or installed as an app on your mobile device. Discord is where all virtual Liberterra games will be played.

How do I join the Discord?

You can join the discord by filling out this form. You'll get an email with an invite to the server!

Do I have to play to join the Discord?

Not at all! We are striving to create a fun and safe community around D&D that everyone can participate in. We would love to see people sign up for games, but we will also have space on the Discord server for people to chat and share art, character ideas, campaign ideas, and more.

How do you play D&D?

Whether playing virtually or in person, there are a few types of things that happen during a game “session.” Your DM will present your character with opportunities to solve problems, interact with others, and take on opponents. Because it is so open ended, rolling various dice help determine if a plan or idea succeeds or not. It also adds spontaneity to the game where things can take unexpected turns. Rolling the dice can be balanced out with abilities and stats that level up with your character the longer you play the game.

Head to the How To Play page for a more detailed rundown.

I've never played D&D before, can I still play? How do I get started?

Yes! New players are welcome. Your best bet is to join the discord server and introduce yourself. We have resources to help you learn and play, but we suggest talking with other Liberterra players on the discord server.

I've played lots of D&D, is this only a place for new players?

No, Liberterra is for both new and veteran players. If you have played a lot you will bring experience that will be helpful to any new players that decide to join us! You may even consider signing up as a DM for Liberterra.

D&D can be a big time commitment. What if I can only play once in a while?

All Liberterra games played on Discord are oneshots, which means they will be completed in one play session. Come play when you can, not a big deal if miss game sessions.

Does it have to be about dragons or dungeons?

Dungeons and Dragons is a framework for live adventure with new or old friends. It can be about anything from a noir-style murder investigation, a survival adventure with Werewolves and Liches, to a heist story stealing a flying ship from pirates. In the world of Liberterra, all of these mini adventures you create are connected to the Arcane Institute, a mysterious organization of unknown intent. The only limit is your imagination, skill, and roll of the dice.

Isn’t there math involved?

A little, but only basic addition and subtraction. Dungeons and Dragons is first and foremost about telling a fun story with friends.

I feel silly acting. Does this mean I can’t play?

There are plenty of ways to play! Some players find it easier to narrate what happens to their character while others prefer to act out how their character talks and interacts. It’s good to remember that you’re with friends, and doing silly voices and acting it out can make the game all the more fun.

How long is a game?

As long as players want. Campaigns can last many sessions over days or weeks. Smaller games like the ones in Liberterra take only an hour to a few hours in a single night for a complete adventure. Longer, in person campaigns are held at several of our branches.

What are hit points?

Hit points measure how much you can take before you fall unconscious or die. They are a combination of all of physical stamina, mental resilience, skill, and luck. The more you level up, the more skills you gain and the longer you can last in any situation.

Do I need a Roll20 account?

Most games will be run using Discord only; however, some games may use additional software. Any additional resources needed will be posted in the game’s description.

Adventure Awaits!

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