2022 Contest Winners

"The world always seems brighter when you've just made something that wasn't there before."—Neil Gaiman

Anime Music Video Awards

Black and White Art Awards

Color Art Awards

Mixed Media Art Awards

Comic Awards

A Dummy's Guide to Getting Isekai'd
Second Place:

"A Dummy's Guide to Getting Isekai'd" by

Life After Death
Third Place:

"Life After Death" by

Piper and the Pest
First Place:

"Piper and the Pest" by

Beginner Cosplay Awards

Anzu Kinashi
Judges Pick:

as Anzu Kinashi

Claire Elford
Second Place:

as Claire Elford

Judges Pick:

as Marie

Void Fish aka Fisher
First Place:

as Void Fish aka Fisher

Intermediate Cosplay Awards

Judges Pick:

as Marionette

Eremite Desert Clearwater
Second Place:

as Eremite Desert Clearwater

Xie Lian
First Place:

as Xie Lian

Cosplay Skit Awards

Hatsune Miku
Second Place:

as Hatsune Miku

First Place:

as Gumi

Cosplay Various Awards

Drop Twins
Best Craftmanship:

as Drop Twins

People's Choice:

as Ranboo