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Read reviews, production staff and other information about films


This database provides information on about 450,0000 music and film titles.


Find information for all major subjects using periodicals and newspapers, primary documents, creative works, and multimedia - even video and audio clips.


Access to full text ebooks on the arts


Find a variety of sources under the Arts & Literature section, on topics like art, artists, crafts, dance, drama, drawing, photography, entertainment, fashion design, film, TV, and more!


The Metropolitan Museum of Art site includes extensive information about visual art including a timeline, as well as world religions & essays. 


This site includes basic information about and audio excerpts from classical music including musical eras, composers and a glossary of musical terms. 


Art-based student learning 


The film information portal of the Web.    


This website is about five types of organized dance; folk dance, ballet, tap, jazz, modern and some of the people that have influenced these styles.