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Summer Reading Storytelling

How the Beaver got his Tail

What happens to the beaver's tail when he becomes too boastful? Find out in this classic Ojibwe tale.


Br'er Rabbit

Can the smaller rabbit outwit his larger associates? Find out as Annie tells the tale of Br'er Rabbit!


Joseph's Overcoat

What lessons can be learned from Joseph and his overcoat? What happens as his overcoat gets older? Find out as Annie tells this Yiddish folktale about making the most of what you have.


The Sun vs. the Wind

Can you accomplish more with warm words than cold aggression? Find out as Annie tells the famous folktale about the Sun vs. the wind.


Three Wishes

What happens when we speak without thinking first? Are there consequences? Find out as Annie tells the Swedish folktale of Three Wishes, and ask yourself, "Would I end up with a sausage on my nose, or something more valuable?"