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eBooks General Instructions

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General Instructions

Welcome to Salt Lake County Library’s eBooks. Here are a few details and instructions.

eBooks are digital books that you read.  You can download and read eBooks from a PC, or from a portable device.

The library has two suppliers of electronic books, EBSCOHost eBooks and OverDrive. NOTE: Netlibrary Recorded Books are now available through EBSCOHost.  Both vendors titles are readable on a PC or portable device (OverDrive only)  and have slightly different rules to manage their titles.  You should be able to setup your device to browse and read titles from either supplier.

1) What do I need to use Books on the Go?

  • A valid Salt Lake County Library Card
  • A Windows or Macintosh Computer with Internet connection
  • A portable device – (optional for OverDrive eBooks only)
  • Download some free management software
  • Find a title to download

2) View a demo to download Books on the Go eBooks.

3) Check if your portable eBook device can use Books on the Go.

These portable eBook devices have been successfully tested with the supplier’s eBooks and management software.

  • EBSCOHost eBooks - Do not support any portable devices. These eBooks are only readable in a browser window on a computer or mobile browser.
  • OverDrive eBook recommended devices
  • Nook - Can download the following SLCL Books on the Go:  OverDrive eBooks -  PDF & EPUB formats

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