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January List by Donalee Jacobs
Best Of Folk Music From Latvia
Best Of Folk Music From LatviaVarious Artists

A 'who's who' of the incredibly rich Latvian folk music scene, this collection highlights a variety of folk styles, from a cappella and traditional instrumental ensembles, to rock-based and other modern arrangements.

Classy. Sassy. Bluegrassy.
Classy. Sassy. Bluegrassy.Williamson Branch

Nashville based musical family, Williamson Branch, provide a high energy, high steppin' show that features a fine-tuned variety of bluegrass, gospel and country music, accentuated by world class Appalachian clog dancing. This collection includes Half Past, With Body And Soul and Mindy Mae. 

The Folk Music Of China Volume 2
The Folk Music Of China Volume 2Various Artists

The second volume of Naxos World’s three volume collection of Chinese folk songs highlights the songs of five minority ethnic groups of Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang – the Mongol, Daur, Oroqen, Evenki and Hezhen tribes. 

In The Moment
In The Moment
Jon Hemmersan & Asal Malekzadeh

Jon Hemmersam & Asal Malekzadeh had never met prior to the recording of this album, but they had the deep desire to create something beautiful together. In an entirely improvised set, they combine the sounds of the acoustic guitar and the Daf, a Kurdish drum.

No Way To Go
No Way To GoBen Molatzi

Ben Molatzi, a self-taught singer and songwriter from Tsumeb, Namibia, wrote timeless, beautiful ballads drawing on the distinctive melodies and harmonies of his Damara and Sotho heritage. His recordings have been slumbering in oblivion in Namibian radio archives. This collection of previously unreleased material features him accompanying himself on guitar. 

Oud Classics From Armenia, The Balkans And Middle East
Oud Classics From Armenia, The Balkans and Middle EastAlan Shavarsh Bardezbanian

These masterful oud performances highlight the unrivalled brilliance of Alan Shavarsh Bardezbanian. Including folk music from Armenia, Greece, Turkey, and the Middle East, beautifully accompanied on piano, accordion, violin, guitar, bass and percussion.

OumniyaSouad Massi

Algerian chaâbi-folk icon Souad Massi begins her great comeback with her sixth studio album, her first since 2001. It is decidedly modern, with themes anchored in current events.

The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2019
The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2019Various Artists

Recorded live from the Esplanade of Edinburgh Castle, Kaleidoscope, the 2019 set from the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, features music centered on a celebration of symmetry.

Rough Guide To A World Of Guitar
Rough Guide To A World Of GuitarVarious Artists

Undoubtedly the most versatile of all instruments, the guitar's unrivaled cross-cultural popularity has made it synonymous with musical genres far and wide. From Congolese soukous to Calcutta slide guitar, this collection features kindred creative spirits who have harnessed its limitless expressive potential. 

Scottish Pipes And Drums
Scottish Pipes And DrumsKinross & District Pipe Band

The Kinross & District Pipe Band was formed in the summer of 1946 to play at local galas, festival events, and pipe band competitions. During its long history the band has been awarded at World Championships and ceremony galas. A truly Scottish, beautiful album of pipes and drums. 

Songs Of Rural America
Songs Of Rural AmericaMichael Johnathon

Johnathon takes listeners on a unique musical adventure with songs and stories that shaped a generation, from Appalachia to the Civil War, Henry David Thoreau to Vincent Van Gogh, George Gershwin to Buddy Holly in this concert for public television. 

We Speak Luniwaz: The Music Of Joe Zawinul
We Speak Luniwaz: The Music Of Joe ZawinulScott Kinsey

Widely known as one of the most skilled keyboard players of his generation, Scott Kinsey is also one of the foremost interpreters of Joe Zawinul's rich musical legacy. This collection features seven pieces by Zawinul from the 70s and 80s as well as original songs.