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November list by Donalee Jacobs
Drogas Wave
Drogas Wavelupe fiasco

Lupe Fiasco's follow up to his 2017 album, Drogas Light stands alone as another reminder that he still has plenty to say, delivering to ravenous fans his most philosophically artistic project to date.

Dime Trap
Dime Trap

Marking fifteen years since he released his breakthrough album Trap Muzik, this sees T.I.'s career coming full circle. An uncompromising creative innovator, it once again finds him gathering only the best around him for one of the most eagerly awaited hip-hop releases of the year. (Explicit Content)

Mi Vida Local
Mi Vida LocalAtmosphere

Atmosphere's seventh album reflects the ways in which the world, and their place in it, has changed. The idyllic domesticity of the past few records has morphed into anxiety over keeping loved ones safe during turbulent times. The easygoing collaboration between Ant and Slug has started to feel more like the life-or-death intimacy of two men trapped together on a lifeboat. (Explicit Content)

Tha Carter V
Tha Carter Vlil wayne

Fans have been waiting for seven years for Lil Wayne to release the latest installment in his Tha Carter album series. The wait is over, as the rap superstar makes his heralded return with a brand new album, his first since 2013. (Explicit Content)