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Music CD's can be checked out for three weeks, just like books and can be renewed up to three times.

July list by L. Buehler
Be Yourself
Be YourselfUncle Devin

Through a blend of DC's Go-Go Music, Gospel, Hip-Hop and the African tradition, this family CD provides self-affirming music, through hardcore beats and rhythms, that children of all ages will love.

Beanstalk Jack
Beanstalk Jackpaper canoe Company

Paper Canoe Company releases their award-winning kindie folk rock concept album, which centers around the duo of Jack, who is a little bit country, and Harmony, who is a little bit rock n' roll.  

 Dog on the Floor
Dog on the Floor Raffi

One of the beloved voices in children's music releases a brand new album that includes animal-themed songs, three of them inspired by his own dog Luna.

Kidz Bop 38
Kidz Bop 38
Kidz bop kids

Today's biggest pop hits are sure to be an instant favorite among families everywhere. Features kid-friendly songs Finesse; In My Blood; God's Plan; and more. 

Silly Songs
Silly Songsvarious artists

A compilation of children's favorite songs such as One Elephant; 5 Little Monkeys; and The Hokey Pokey.