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Music CD's can be checked out for three weeks, just like books and can be renewed up to three times.

August list by L. Buehler
All I Do Is Hop
All I Do Is Hopgrin brigade

Grin Brigade is back with All I Do Is Hop, their second eclectic and unpredictable mix of 29 songs that will keep you guessing what musical treat will pop up next. A blend of kid funk, blues, pop, rock, country, anthem and ballad by a revolving group of top flight singers, musicians and songwriters who produce a wild jumble of tunes about a whole mess of things that make you happy, make you think, make you feel and make you laugh.

Bad Bad Dinosaur
Bad Bad DinosaurJolly pops

Get stomping with this awesome collection of family music and fun. Includes the songs Snack Attack, Rock Song, Not Your Cheese and I Want a Puppy.

Children On Parade
Children On Paradebay song

These songs bring joy to children's lives through a variety of styles, including rock, folk, blues, country, reggae and R&B.

Daffy Dave's Dance Party
Daffy Dave's Dance Party
daffy dave

Daffy Dave keeps the fun going with funny, yet kid-friendly, parodies for classic rock and disco songs. Includes the songs Takin' Care of Babies, Miranda the Panda and Class Clown.

Having Fun With Hip Hop
Having Fun With Hip Hopmark d. pencil & friends

Contemporary music is paired with academic lessons to help children learn the basic rules of reading, math, the calendar, and social skills. The result is fun, educational songs that both kids and parents will enjoy.

This Little World
This Little Worldal decant

Filled with kid friendly pop songs from waking up in the morning to going to bed at night and everything in-between; these songs will inspire friendship and a love of reading.

The Wonders Of Life
The Wonders Of LifeBiology Bob

Dr. Robert M. Everett, aka Biology Bob, applies his background in biology to a collection of educational songs about plants and animals. Musical styles include mostly rock and folk with soaring guitar leads on many tracks.