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Music CD's can be checked out for three weeks, just like books and can be renewed up to three times.

September list by L. Buehler
Every Voice
Every VoiceKira Willey

Award-winning songwriter, author, and kids' yoga expert Kira Willey releases her most expansive family album yet. Her fifth album of original songs offers empowering, community-minded encouragement for dreamers and future leaders, in heart-pumping tunes packed with catchy, sing-along choruses.

I Am Your Food
I Am Your FoodGunnar Madsen

Grammy-nominated songwriter Gunnar Madsen returns with an album of songs all about food. Witty, touching, hummable, and off-the-wall subjects include deli owners, pancake eaters, monsoons of sardines, and more.  

Let's Dance 
Let's Dance the Boo Hoo Crew

Once again, the Boo Hoo Crew has created a collection of songs featuring varying styles including funk, electronica, rock, and even Latin. They get listeners up on their feet and dancing.

Sing Along Favorites
Sing Along Favorites
Steve Wingfield

Set the stage for fun with a collection that includes some of the most popular songs for kids.

Steam Themes: Songs to Enrich Learning
Steam Themes: Songs to Enrich Learningpam schiller

Adding music to the mix, this CD offers songs organized by popular STEAM themes, and can be a helpful resource to enrich STEAM lessons for Pre-K and Kindergarten children.