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Movies are checked out for one week - unlike music and books.

September list by Nanette Alderman                                               
Above the Shadows
Above the Shadows
Megan Fox, Justine Cotsonas, Olivia Thirlby, Alan Ritchson, Jim Gaffigan, and Maria Dizzia, 2019, not rated 

A supernatural tale following an invisible woman who must find her way back with the help of the one man who can see her.

Alien Invasion
Alien Invasion
Andrea Guasch, Joe Manjon, Ramon Canals, Liliana Cabal, and Mark Schardan, 2018, Not rated

After receiving a package containing a mysterious documentary, Sara Hamilton, a young journalist and UFO investigator, takes a trip to one of the supposed biggest UFO cover-up sites in history. And it's there that she meets Joe, the park ranger whose job it is to guide her around the forest while protecting her from all the dangerous predators in the forest. The unexpected interruption by one of the strange beings that live in the forest forces them to change their plans.

American Horror Story
American Horror Story. The Complete 8th Season: Apocalypse
Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, Cody Fern, Evan Peters, Adina Porter, Billie Lourd, Leslie Grossman, Emma Roberts, Cheyenne Jackson, and Billy Eichner, 2018, rated tv-ma

After a nuclear apocalypse, the world's chosen elite survive in secure Outposts created by the mysterious Cooperative. On the American West Coast, Ms. Wilhemina Venable and Ms. Miriam Mead run Outpost Three with an iron fist. The unexpected arrival of Michael Langdon, a Cooperative representative determined to save society with a secret paradise, throws their order into chaos. However, underneath the surface of humanity's salvation lies a battlefield for the final conflict between good and evil.

Elizabeth Banks, David Denman, Jackson A. Dunn, Matt Jones, Meredith Hagner, and Gregory Alan Williams 2019, rated r

What if a child from another world crash-landed on Earth, but instead of becoming a hero to humanity, he proved to be something far more sinister?

Doll Factory
Doll Factory
Justin Herman, Nicole Elliott, and Andy Palmer, 2018, Not rated

A group of teens break into an abandoned doll factory and unwittingly release a curse that brings hundreds of killer dolls to life to terrorize a small Texas town.

The Gifted
The Gifted. The Complete Second Season
Stephen Moyer, Amy Acker, and Sean Teale, 2018, not rated

With the Mutant Underground at their new HQ in Washington D.C., stuck in the middle of an increasingly polarized nation, as both anti-mutant sentiment and the mutant rights movement are on the rise. The X-Men believed that mutants and humans could live together in peace, now that dream hangs in the balance.

Nightmare Cinema
Nightmare Cinema
Mickey Rourke, Elizabeth Reaser, Patrick Wilson, Adam Godley, and Maurice Benard, 2019, rated R

In this twisted horror anthology, five strangers are drawn to an abandoned theater and forced to watch their deepest and darkest fears play out before them. Lurking in the shadows is the Projectionist, who preys upon their souls with his collection of disturbing films. As each reel spins its sinister tale, the characters find frightening parallels to their own lives.

Virginia Gardner, Christina Masterson, Eric Beecroft, and Natalie Mitchell, 2019, not rated

With reality fraying at the edges, Aubrey finds herself following a string of mixtapes left by her dead friend. The clues unravel the secrets of a mysterious signal; one that could either save the world or condemn it.

Supernatural. The Complete 14th Season
Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Jim Beaver, Mark Pellegrino, and Alexander Calvert, 2018, not rated 

Lucifer's apparent death brings a new obstacle to face in season fourteen, the Archangel Michael, who has now escaped the other universe in Dean's body! Sam, Castiel, and Jack are working on getting Dean back and stopping Michael before his Apocalypse-World agenda gains strength.

The Wind
The Wind: Demons of the Prairie
Caitlin Gerard, Julia Telles, and Dylan McTee, 2019, rated r

An unseen evil haunts the homestead in this chilling, folkloric tale of madness, paranoia, and otherworldly terror. Lizzy is a tough, resourceful frontierswoman settling a remote stretch of land on the nineteenth century American frontier. Isolated from civilization in a desolate wilderness where the wind never stops howling, she begins to sense a sinister presence that seems to be borne of the land itself, an overwhelming dread that her husband dismisses as superstition.