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Movies are checked out for one week - unlike music and books.

May list by Mindy Hiatt
Sarah parish, adam long, charles babolola, faye marsay, ryan mcken, anjili mohindra, 2019, not rated

A dark and compelling thriller exploring what happens when heinous crimes, long buried in the past, come back to haunt us. Ruthless and courageous, Bancroft is a brilliant copper. She has given her life to the police force. But when ambitious fast-tracked recruit Katherine Stevens joins the force, Katherine takes on a cold case and unwittingly disturbs the ghosts of Bancroft's devastating past.

Death in Paradise
The Bedroom Windowsteve guttenberg, isabelle huppert, elizabeth mcgovern, paul shenar, wallace shawn, carl lumbly, maury chaykin, mark margolis, 1987, rated r

Upwardly mobile architect Terry Lambert has it made, until his boss's wife, Sylvia, witnesses an attempted murder through his bedroom window. In order to keep their affair a secret, Terry reports the crime in her place. When the authorities find that Terry's account of the incident is flawed, he becomes the prime suspect in a string of mysterious murders. Terry is now trapped in a web of deceit and is desperate to reveal the killer's identity before it is too late.

Doctor Blake Mysteries
Before and Aftermeryl streep, liam neeson, edward furlong, alfred molina, john heard, ann amgnuson, larry pine, daniel von bargen, wesley addy, 1996, rated pg-13 

A shocking murder rocks a small, close-knit community, and the only suspect is the teenage son of a respected local family. Suddenly, Dr. Carolyn Ryan and her husband Ben are faced with a gut-wrenching dilemma: whether to risk everything on their son's innocence or protect him from his possible guilt.

No Offence Series 3Elaine cassidy, joanna scanlan, alexandra roach, will mellor, paul ritter, 2019, not rated 

DI Vivienne Deering and her team provide security at a contentious election debate, but tragedy strikes when a shooter attempts to assassinate one of the candidates. Deering and her right-hand woman, DC Dinah Kowalska, vow to apprehend the culprit, despite warnings from their superiors that the investigation could jeopardize an undercover officer who has infiltrated an extreme right-wing group.