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Musicals & Westerns


Movies are checked out for one week - unlike music and books.

January list by Nanette Alderman
Try these Classic Western or Musical DVDs
High Noon
gary cooper, grace kelly, 1952, not rated

Just-married lawman Will Kane is about to retire as a small-town sheriff and begin a new life with his bride when he learns that gunslinger Frank Miller is due to arrive at high noon to settle an old score. Kane seeks assistance from deputies and townsfolk but soon realizes he'll have to stand alone in his showdown with Miller and his henchmen.

Delightfully Dangerous
Once Upon a Time in the Westhenry fonda, jason robards, charles bronson, 1969, rated pg-13

In the dying days of the Old West, a struggle to control water in a dusty desert town embroils three hard-bitten gunmen in an epic clash of greed, honor, and revenge. Frank is a hired killer who ruthlessly slays an entire family. Cheyenne is an infamous bandit framed for the slaughter. The Man is a mysterious loner determined to exact vengeance for a grudge he refuses to divulge.

The Searchersjohn wayne, natalie wood, 1956, not rated

An ex-Confederate soldier searches for his niece, captured by Comanches who massacred his family.

Deadman Standing
Singin' in the RainGene kelly, debbie reynolds, 1952, rated g

Silent movies are giving way to talking pictures, and a hoofer-turned-matinee idol is caught in that bumpy transition, as are his buddy, prospective ladylove, and shrewish costar. Rediscover the musical masterpiece in dazzling, restored high definition.

The Hurricane Express
The Sound of MusicChristopher plummer, julie andrews, 1965, rated g

Captain Von Trapp hires a governess to take care of his children, but soon finds himself falling in love with her.

Young Pioneers
West Side StoryNatalie wood, rita moreno, george chakiris, 1961, not rated

Gang rivals and ethnic tension arise in the midst of love on New York's West Side.

Young Pioneers' Christmas
The Wizard of Ozjudy garland, frank morgan, ray bolger, bert lahr, jack haley and billie burke, 1939, rated g

The charming film based on the popular L.Frank Baum novel, Dorothy and her dog Toto, are caught in a tornado's path and somehow end up in the land of Oz. Here she encounters some memorable friends and foes in her journey to meet the Wizard of Oz who everyone says can help her return home and possibly grant her new friends their goals of a brain, heart and courage.