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Kid's Nonfiction


Movies are checked out for one week - unlike music and books.

March list by L. Buehler
Dog Geniuses: Dinosaur Adventure 
Dog Geniuses: Dinosaur Adventure Brainy Pants, 2020, not rated

Slobberstick and Mugs are ready to learn from their favorite doggy teacher, Professor Bones. This pack of pups is ready to learn about one of the most fascinating subjects imaginable, Dinosaurs!

Fish School: Under the Sea 
Fish School: The Surface 
wownow kids, 2020, not rated

Join the little fish of Fish School as they dive deep into fascinating subjects! This time Professor Shark teaches the students about all the amazing creatures at the surface of the ocean, including whales and ocean mammals!

Highlights - Happy Birthday, Make a Wish!
Highlights - Happy Birthday, Make a Wish!dreamscape media, llc, 2020, not rated

It's time to party! Birthday parties are the best way to show people that they are appreciated. Learn more about parties and giving back in this interactive video.

Horseplay: Wild West
Horseplay: Wild West
brainy pants, 2020, not rated

When Scout the horse hops on board his trusty plane Axel, the two set off on an incredible learning adventure!

Puppy Playground
Puppy Playground
wownow kids, 2020, not rated

It's party time with puppies! Meet three doggy fluff balls as they chase balls at the park, drive a car, go on a hike, and try on adorable outfits! These pups can't wait to get the fun started!