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Kid's Nonfiction


Movies are checked out for one week - unlike music and books.

September list by B. Goodman
Alphabet Safari
Alphabet Safariwonderscape entertainment, llc., 2013, not rated

Children will learn all the letter shapes and letter sounds as they travel around the world on the Alphabet Safari. Captivating, live-action, high-definition video footage of animals in their natural habitats, combined with colorful graphics and upbeat music, will engage and encourage kids to learn the alphabet.

Highlights: Furry Friends!
Highlights: Furry Friends!
dreamscape media, llc, 2019, not rated

Ever wondered about the furry friends that live with the family? From cats, dogs, hamsters, and even fish, the animals who live indoors become very best friends!

Meet the Shapes
Meet the Shapespreschool prep company, 2019, not rated

Voted one of the 10 Best Educational Products by Dr. Toy, Meet the Shapes includes different shapes moving along with word recognition.

Fun Songs for Kids
Rock N Learn: Fun Songs for Kids
rock n learn, 2018, not rated

Kids of all ages love singing along with these videos featuring adorable characters, often in funny situations. Some of the songs help build counting skills. Others are meant for fun and enjoyment. There is even a song that helps kids remember to take time from their busy play to go to the restroom.

Train Town: Around the World
Train Town: Around the World
dreamscape media, llc. 2019, not rated

Explore Train Town with Toot-Skoot and pals while also learning interesting facts about cities from all around the world in this education children's video.

Wild Kratts: Creepy Creatures
Wild Kratts: Creepy Creatures
pbs kids, 2019, rated Tv-y

The Wild Kratts aren't sure what to do for Halloween. Should they go trick-or-treating, or just enjoy a Halloween party? The Kratt Brothers decide that the best thing to do is to discover some new creepy, cool creatures. But when they set off to find these new animal friends, Martin and Chris discover that Zach and the other villains have come up with a plan to ruin Halloween.