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More Foreign Films
May list by Nanette Alderman
Before We Vanish
Before We Vanishjapanese, 2017, rated r

Three aliens travel to Earth on a reconnaissance mission in preparation for a mass invasion. Having taken possession of human bodies, the visitors rob the hosts of their essence, leaving them unrecognizable to their loved ones.

The Debutantes
The Debutantesfilipino, 2017, not rated

The story of girls aspiring for an enjoyable eighteenth birthday celebration but instead finding a bloody curse cast upon them.

I Dream in Another Language
I Dream in Another Languagespanish, 2017, not rated

An indigenous language is in peril as its last two speakers, Evaristo and Isauro, had a quarrel in the past and have not spoken to each other in over 50 years. Martin, a young linguist, will undertake the challenge to bring the old friends back together and convince them to once again talk to each other, all so he can obtain a recorded registration of the language and study it.

In Between
In Betweenarabic, 2016, not rated

A taboo-busting timely comedic drama about three Palestinian women living together in modern-day Tel Aviv.

In the Fade
In the Fadegerman, 2017, rated r

Katja's life collapses after the death of her husband and son in a bomb attack. After a time of mourning and injustice, Katja seeks revenge.

The Monkey King 3
The Monkey King 3mandarin, 2017, not rated

The third installment of the blockbuster fantasy series sees the return of the Monkey King in his most action-packed adventure yet, as the travelers on their journey to the West are imprisoned by the Queen of an all-female kingdom and threatened by the wrathful River God.

My Friend Victoria
My Friend Victoriafrench, 2014, not rated

The wealthy, white, well-intentioned, family of one of her schoolmates takes in an eight-year-old black child, named Victoria, for a night. The experience haunts her for years to come, shaping her desires and offering a mirage of privilege that she dreams of but finds impossible to attain. As an adult, she drifts from job to job, but then unexpectedly reconnects with the family's youngest son in an encounter that will reshape her life yet again.

Oblivion Verses
Oblivion Versesspanish, 2017, not rated

When the elderly caretaker of a remote morgue discovers the body of a young woman killed during a protest, he embarks on a magical odyssey to give her a proper burial before the militia returns.

The Other Side of Hope
The Other Side of Hopefinnish, 2017, not rated

This wry, melancholic comedy from Aki Kaurismäki is a bittersweet tale of human kindness in the face of official indifference. A response to the ongoing global refugee crisis, the film follows two people, a displaced Syrian and a Finnish salesman, searching for a place to call home.

Qarib Qarib Singlle
Qarib Qarib Singllehindi, 2018, not rated

Yogi and Jaya, who have polar opposite personalities and sensibilities, meet via a online dating app. This encounter turns into so much more when the two travel to Rishikesh.

Vazanteportugese, 2017, not rated

Upon returning from a trading expedition, Antonio discovers that his wife has died in labor. Confined to a decadent but desolate property in the company of his aging mother-in-law and numerous slaves, he marries his wife's young niece, Beatriz. Separated from her family and left alone on the rugged farmhouse in the Brazilian mountains, Beatriz finds solace in the displaced and oppressed inhabitants around her.