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Movies are checked out for one week - unlike music and books.

More Foreign Films
July list by Nanette Alderman
A Ciambra
A Ciambraitalian, 2017, not rated

Fourteen-year-old Pio wants nothing more than the respect of his older brother, whom he emulates in every way, including his career as a petty criminal. When both his father and brother are arrested, Pio is determined to prove that he can step up and be the head of his Romani family. But a fateful night and a wrenching decision soon test just how ready he is.

Beautiful Accident
Beautiful Accidentmandarin, 2017, not rated

A female lawyer had lived a very apathetic career until she had a terrible car accident. She died in the accident but when she reached the afterlife, she learned that she came earlier than she was supposed to. That is why now she has to substitute for another person for a week and live an alternate life. Now for an entire week she is stuck with a family that she didn't want to be a part of.

Graduationromanian, 2016, not rated

Blending rigorous naturalism with the precise construction of a thriller, this Cannes award-winning drama from Cristian Mungiu sheds light on the high stakes and ethical complexities of life in contemporary Romania. As his daughter nears high-school graduation, Romeo, an upstanding doctor, counts on her winning a competitive scholarship that will send her to university in England.

Guilty Men
Guilty MenSpanish, 2016, not rated

Mariana, Willington's eternal love, is preparing her marriage with Rene, the cousin of her ex-boyfriend. While Willington tries to get her back, the rumor of a thief in town and a series of violent deaths that remind them of a fearful past, will endanger Mariana's new family. Soon, a paramilitary group will attempt to destabilize the region and put everyone's futures in doubt.

Hitler's Hollywood
Hitler's Hollywoodgerman, 2017, not rated

Narrated by Udo Kier, the film asks what the Nazi cinema of the Third Reich reveals about its period and its people. About 1,000 feature films were made in Germany in the years between 1933-1945: musicals, melodramas, romances, costume dramas, and war films. Only a few were overtly Nazi propaganda films. But by the same token, even fewer of them can be considered harmless entertainment. How did the open lies and hidden truths in these films affect the future of German cinema?

Mukti Bhawan
Mukti Bhawanhindi, 2016, not rated

An ominous dream convinces 77-year-old Dayanand Kumar that his end could be near. He takes the news to his son Rajiv, knowing he wants to breathe his last breath in the holy city of Varanasi and end the cycle of rebirth, by attaining salvation. Being the dutiful son he is, Rajiv, is left with no choice but to drop everything and make the journey with his stubborn father.

Resort Paraíso
Resort Paraísospanish, 2017, not rated

Pablo and Eva are struggling through two crises: employment and marriage. Out of despair, they squat in the resort hotel where Eva works during the summer. Closed between November and March, the isolated resort is the ideal place for the couple to spend the winter. Eva comes up with a master plan to keep her and Pablo from being caught, until one of the security guards begins to suspect that there are intruders in the resort.

The Workshop
The Workshopfrench, 2017, not rated

Antoine attends a summer writing workshop in which a few young people have been selected to write a crime thriller with the help of Olivia, a famous novelist. More concerned with the fears of the modern world, the young man soon clashes with the group and Olivia, who seems at the same time alarmed and captivated by Antoine's violence.