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Movies are checked out for one week - unlike music and books.

September list by Nanette Alderman
Buddy dutch, 2019, not rated

In this poignant and carefully composed portrait of six service dogs and their owners, renowned documentary filmmaker Heddy Honigmann explores the close bond between animal and human. Honigmann questions the owners in her characteristic way, respectfully and with genuine concern rooted in a deep trust, about what the animals mean to them.

Carmin Tropical
Carmín TropicalSpanish, 2019, not rated

Mabel, a muxe, returns home to her village in Oaxaca, Mexico to find her friend's killer.

Constructing Albert
Constructing AlbertSpanish, 2017, not rated

The much-honored Spanish restaurant elBulli, which closed in 2011, was once considered the best in the world, but this intriguing foodie documentary reveals a rival- a sibling rival, that is. While head chef Ferran Adria was proclaimed a genius, it seems that behind the scenes simmering wasn't confined to stockpots. Over a four-year period, filmmakers Collado and Loomis follow the story of Ferran's former partner and co-chef, younger brother Albert Adria, as he steps out of the long shadow.

Diamantinoportuguese, 2018, not rated

When a big-hearted but dimwitted Portuguese soccer hunk blows it in the World Cup finals, he goes from superstar to laughingstock overnight. His sheltered worldview is further shattered after learning about the European refugee crisis and he resolves to make amends by adopting an African refugee, only to find that his new 'son' is actually an undercover lesbian tax auditor investigating him on the suspicion of corruption. From there, he gets swept up in a gonzo comic odyssey.

In the Aisles
In the Aislesgerman, 2018, not rated

An affecting and bittersweet glimpse into the shared connections of a motley group of nightshift workers at a big box store, including the reclusive newbie Christian and the charming but mysterious Marion.

My Son
My Sonfrench, 2019, not rated

A man leaves no stone unturned as he attempts to find out what really happened to his child after he suddenly disappeared.

One Nation One King
One Nation One Kingfrench, 2018, not rated

Paris, 1789. The Bastille has been stormed and a breath of liberty blows through the streets of Paris. Francoise, a young washerwoman, and Basile, a drifter without a family or name, discover the unique exhilaration of love and revolution.

Socratesportuguese, 2018, not rated

After his mother's sudden death, Socrates, a fifteen-year-old living on the margins of Sao Paulo's coast, must survive on his own. As he faces isolation because of his sexuality, his search for a decent, worthy life reaches a breaking point.

Super 30
Super 30hindi, 2019, not rated 

Based on the life of Patna-based mathematician Anand Kumar who runs the famed Super 30 program for IIT aspirants in Patna.

The Third Wife
The Third Wifevietnamese, 2019, rated r

In nineteenth century rural Vietnam, fourteen-year-old May becomes the third wife of wealthy landowner Hung. Soon, she learns that she can only gain status by asserting herself as a woman who can give birth to a male child. May's hope to change her status turns into a real and tantalizing possibility when she gets pregnant. Faced with forbidden love and its devastating consequences, May finally comes to an understanding of the brutal truth: the options available to her are few and far between.

Yomeddinearabic, 2019, rated pg 

Beshay, a man cured of leprosy, has never left the leper colony in the Egyptian desert where he has lived since childhood. Following the death of his wife, he finally decides to go in search of his roots. With his meager possessions strapped to a donkey cart, he set out. Quickly joined by Obama, the Nubian orphan he has taken under his wing, Beshay will cross Egypt and confront the world with all its sorrows, all its hardships and its moments of grace.