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Movies are checked out for one week - unlike music and books.

April list by L. Buehler
 Adventures of Jurassic Pet
Adventures of Jurassic Petlionsgate, 2019, pg

A thrilling family adventure that begins as teenager Chris finds an ancient egg in a curio shop and decides to hatch it When an adorable baby T. rex pops out, Chris names him Albert. But after Albert runs wild in a grocery store, he's captured by the cops and delivered to mad scientist Dr. Jost, who wants to use the rapidly growing beast to breed more dinosaurs. With time running out, Chris must find the secret lab, rescue Albert, and stop the experiment before dinosaurs rule the Earth again!

Easter Bunny Tales
Easter Bunny Talesdreamscape media, llc, 2019, nr

Perfect for bed time, this audio experience combines subtle animations and an Easter-themed adventure to help soothe children to sleep.

Help, I Shrunk My Parents
Help, I Shrunk My Parentsecho bridge home entertainment, 2019, nr

Felix is already having a hard time adjusting at his new school, but things take a turn for the bizarre when he accidently shrinks his strict principal to only fifteen centimeters in height! Can he figure out how to return her to her original size while at the same time saving the school from closure?

Kid Who Would Be King
Kid Who Would Be King20th century fox, 2019, pg

Alex believes he is just another nobody until he stumbles upon Excalibur, the mythical sword in the stone. He unites the wizard Merlin, his enemies, and his friends to take on Morgana, the enchantress.

Mother's Day
Mother's Daywownow entertainment, 2019, nr

Young siblings, Fifi and Finn, are excited to go shopping and pick out something nice for their mom. They are suddenly sidetracked by a lost little pufferfish, Kiki. Swimming high and low, our three young fish are on the hunt to find home.