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Movies are checked out for one week - unlike music and books.

March list by Nanette Alderman
The Bold Type
The Bouncer
jean-claude van damme, svenva alviti, sami bouajila, sam louwyck, kevin janssens, alice verset, 2018, NOt ratED

Lukas is a tough nightclub bouncer struggling to raise his eight-year-old daughter. One day, Lukas loses control during an altercation with a client and ends up in jail, and this causes his daughter to now be taken away from him. Things take an unexpected turn when Interpol recruits Lukas to bring down a Dutch ringleader operating from Belgium in exchange for his daughter's custody.

Elizabeth I and Her Enemies
Chesapeake Shores Season 3
meghan ory, barbara niven, treat williams, diane ladd, jesse metcalfe, 2019, not ratED 

Having returned to Chesapeake Shores shortly after Abby, the O'Briens' once-estranged mother Megan strives to reestablish relationships with Abby and her siblings, though the O'Brien clan primarily looks to its wise grandmother Nell for guidance.

The Hanmaid's Tale
Gunpowderkit harrington, live tyler, edward holcroft, derek riddell, peter mullan, andy lucas, luke neal, matthe neal, 2017, not Rated 

Activist Guy Fawkes and a group of disgruntled, persecuted provincial Catholics conspire to work together to blow up the House of Lords and kill King James I in the early seventeenth century.

The Little Stranger
House of Cards Season 6robin wright, michael kelly, justin doescher, derek cecil, jayne atkinson, boris mcgiver, 2019, not Rated  

After the death of her husband, Claire Underwood becomes the first female President of the United States. Regardless of the power Claire holds, she finds that she doesn't have allies or friends, both outside and inside the White House.

Long Forgotten Fields
King of Thievesmichael caine, charlie cox, michael gambon, ray winstone, jim broadhead, francesca annis, tom courtenay, 2018, Rated r

A true crime film about a crew of retired crooks who pull off a major heist in London's jewelry district. What starts off as their last criminal hurrah quickly turns into a brutal nightmare due to greed. Based on the infamous true events.

The Man Without a Face mel gibson, nick stahl, margaret whitton, fay masterson, gaby hoffman, geoffrey lewes, richard masur, machael deluise, ethan phillips, 1993, Rated pg-13

Justin McLeod has been an outsider since he arrived in Cranesport, Maine. There, he lives with the solitude his tragic past and disfigurement have forced upon him. But that isolation is unexpectedly about to change. Mel Gibson stars as McLeod and makes his directing debut in his compelling tale of a man's triumph over loneliness and a boy's transition to adulthood over one special summer.

The Padre
Marrying Mr. Darcycindy busby, ryan raevey, frances fisher, 2018, not Rated 

Six months after they first crossed verbal swords at a Washington, DC dog show, schoolteacher Elizabeth Scott and businessman/philanthropist Donovan Darcy are blissfully in love and newly engaged. After Donovan's previously scornful Aunt Violet makes a heartfelt apology for her past behavior, Elizabeth is glad to include her in the planning process. As the arrangements for the wedding grow more elaborate, Elizabeth feels the burden of expectations she will face as Mrs. Darcy.

Royal New Year's Eve
Midnight, Texas Season 2francois arnaud, dylan bruce, parisa fitz-henley, jason lewis, josh kelly, sarah ramos, arielle kebbel, 2018, not rated 

More thrills and chills in the steamy second season of the supernatural drama. Home to psychics, vampires, witches and other outcasts, the remote town of Midnight is a mysterious safe-haven for those seeking refuge from the outside world. As the town members' bond is stronger than ever, the mysterious arrival of new hotel owners threatens the balance of Midnight.

A Royal Winter
The Standoff at Sparrow Creekpatrick fischler, james badge dale, brian geraghty, chris mulkey, robert aramayo, gene jones, cotter smith, 2018,  not Rated

After a mass shooting at a police funeral, reclusive ex-cop Gannon realizes that the killer belongs to the same militia he joined after quitting the force. Knowing the police will be closing in on them, Gannon quarantines his fellow militiamen in a remote lumber mill. There, he sets about a series of grueling interrogations, intent on ferreting out the killer and turning him over to the authorities to prevent further bloodshed.

Sharp Objects
Vox Lux
natalie portman, jude law, raffey cassidy, christopher abbott, willem dafoe, jennifer ehle, stacy martin, 2018, rated r 

The story of Celeste's rise from the ashes of a national tragedy to stardom. It follows her life from 1999 to 2017 including her survival of a violent tragedy as a teenager, her rise to fame with the help of her sister and talent manager, and her mounting a comeback after a scandal.