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Movies are checked out for one week - unlike music and books.

May list by Nanette Alderman
Abe and Phil's Last Poker Game
Abe & Phil's Last Poker Game
Martin Landau, Paul Sorvino, and Maria Dizzia, 2017, not ratED

When Dr. Abe Mandelbaum moves into Cliffside Manor with his deteriorating wife Molly, he forms an improbable relationship with gambler and womanizer, Phil Nicoletti. While Abe feels moving into the home is the end of the road he soon realizes that his life is finding a whole new beginning. Abe and Phil's friendship is challenged when a mysterious nurse claims that her biological father resides in the home.

Ackley Bridge
Ackley Bridge. Series 1
Paul Nicholls, Jo Joyner, and Adil Ray, 2017, not ratED

After years of racial segregation in a small Yorkshire town, two high schools integrate white and Pakistani students by combining into Ackley Bridge College.

Berlin Station
Berlin Station. Season OneRichard Armitage, Rhys Ifans, and Leland Orser, 2016, not Rated

Follows Daniel Miller, who has just arrived at the CIA foreign station in Berlin, Germany. Miller has a clandestine mission, to uncover the source of a leak who has supplied information to a now famous whistleblower named Thomas Shaw. Guided by veteran Hector DeJean, Daniel learns to contend with the rough and tumble world of the field agent, agent running, deception, and the dangers and moral compromises.

The Bold Type
The Bold TypeMelora Hardin, Katie Stevens, Aisha Dee, and Meghann Fahy, 2017, not Rated

Follows three spirited, modern young women who work for Scarlet, a global women's magazine based in New York City and run by high-powered Editor-in-Chief Jacqueline. Jan has recently been promoted to her dream job as a writer, Kat is the newly appointed social media director, and Sutton is still toiling away as an assistant. These driven young friends help each other navigate life's challenges as they pursue their career goals, search for love, and discover their identities.

Broken. Season 1Adrian Dunbar, Sean Bean, and Fin Campbell, 2017, not Rated

Father Michael, a modern, maverick, and reassuringly flawed Catholic priest presiding over a northern urban parish, must be confidant, counsellor, and confessor to a congregation struggling to reconcile its beliefs with the challenges of daily life.

Call the Midwife
Call the Midwife. Season SevenJenny Agutter, Linda Bassett, Helen George, and Judy Parfitt, 2018,
not Rated

A drama about the lives of a group of midwives who care for expectant mothers in the East End of London during the 1950s.

Dead Bullet
Dead BulletAndrea Sixtos, Jose Rosete, Ray Trickitt, and John T. Woods, 2016,
Rated tv-ma

Desperate to turn his life around, a hard luck gambler risks everything to sell stolen casino chips to a ruthless gunslinger. It's the worst bet of his life.

Dear Murderer
Dear Murderer. Series 1Mark Mitchinson, Errol Shand, Arlo Macdiarmid, Adam Gardiner, and Katherine Kennard, 2017, not Rated

Filled with humor, wit, and moral dilemmas, this raucous drama tells the true story of New Zealand's most controversial lawyer, Mike Bungay. In a high-profile career that begins in the 1960s and spans decades, he successfully defends alleged murderers, spies, and gang members, but he can't escape his own inner demons.

Faith Under Fire
Faith Under FireToni Braxton, Trevor Morgan, and Yaya Dacosta, 2018, Rated tv-14

On September 29, 1981, Peter Turner received a phone call that would change his life. His former lover, Hollywood actress Gloria Grahame, had collapsed in a Lancaster hotel and was refusing medical attention. He took her into his chaotic and eccentric home in Liverpool to see her through her last days. Though their affair had ended years before, it was to him that she turned in her final hour of need. Takes place over the course of three weeks in Turner's working class family home.

GookJustin Chon, Simone Baker, and Curtiss Cook Jr., 2017, not Rated

Eli and Daniel, two Korean American brothers, own a struggling shoe store and have an unlikely friendship with Kamilla, a streetwise eleven-year-old African American girl. It's just another typical day at the store until the Rodney King verdict is read and riots break out. With the chaos moving towards them, the trio is forced to defend the store while contemplating the future of their own personal dreams and the true meaning of family.

KaleidoscopeToby Jones, Anne Reid, Sinead Matthews, and Deborah Findlay, 2017,
not Rated

Recently released from prison, mild-mannered Carl quietly attempts to move on with his life. Just as he embarks on his first date in fifteen years, Carl's fresh start is shattered by the sudden reappearance of his domineering mother, whose presence awakens within him a deep-seated trauma. What unfolds is a brain-warping puzzle as reality and illusion, past and present collide and explode in violence.

Little Women
Little Womenmaya hawke, kathryn newton, dylan baker, willa fitzgerald, and annes elwy, 2017, not Rated

Follow the sisters Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy, on their journey from childhood to adulthood. Under the guidance of their mother Marmee, they navigate what it means to be a young woman: from gender roles to sibling rivalry, first love, loss, and marriage. Based on the novel by Louisa May Alcott, this story is as relevant and engaging today as it was on its original publication in 1868.

ManifestoCate Blanchett, Erika Bauer, and Ruby Bustamante, 2015, not Rated

From acclaimed visual artist Julian Rosefeldt, it features tow-time Academy Award winner Cate Blanchett in thirteen distinct, must-see vignettes that incorporate timeless manifestos from 20th century art movements. From anchorwoman to homeless man, from Pop Art to Dogma 95, a chameleonic Blanchett gives a tour-de-force performance as she transforms herself like never before. Rosefeldt weaves together history's most impassioned artistic statements in this stunning and contemporary call to action.

NostalgiaJon Hamm, Catherine Keener, Ellen Burstyn, Hugo Armstrong, Shinelle Azoroh, and Annalise Basso, 2018, Rated r

A profoundly moving drama about people's collective need to find meaning in the objects we hold dear. It is a mosaic of interconnected stories built around the central theme of loss and memory, filled with characters as real and recognizable as friends and neighbors.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: The Impossible Dream
Signed, Sealed, Delivered: The Impossible DreamEric Mabius, Kristin Booth, Crystal Lowe, and Geoff Gustafson, 2015,
not Rated

The Postables work against the clock decoding a letter to rescue a soldier in Afghanistan and reunite her with her family, while Rita competes for the National Miss Special Delivery title in Washington D.C.

Silent Witness
Silent Witness. Season Five
Emilia Fox, William Gaminara, and Tom Ward, 2000, not rated

Sam is now firmly established as a professor at the University of London where she is well respected by colleagues and students alike. As an independent pathologist, her reputation goes before her and she is constantly in demand for high-profile prosecution and defense work. Sam's cases involve a series of revenge killings by a former Auschwitz prisoner; the mysterious deaths of teenage girls killed fifteen years apart in Norway; a suspicious suicide and a beautiful Nun in a convent by the sea.

Unreal. Season 2
Shiri Appleby, Constance Zimmer, Craig Bierko, and Freddie Stroma, 2016,
not rated

The critically acclaimed drama returns and continues to push the limits, offering a fictitious behind-the-scenes glimpse into the chaos surrounding the production of a dating competition program.

West Virginia
West Virginia
Meagan English, Lindsey Hull, Zachary Ray Sherman, John T. Woods, William L. Thomas, and Peter Van Norden, 2016, not rated

Three stories taking place in a mining town in West Virginia intertwine, examining what it means to live, make connections, deal with trauma, and do more than just exist.

When Calls the Heart
When Calls the Heart: Hearts and Minds
Lori Loughlin, Erin Krakow, and Jack Wagner, 2017, not rated

Elizabeth warns her sister that teaching is not for the faint of heart, but when Julie insists this is her new goal in life, Elizabeth invites Julie to help in the classroom. Meanwhile, Abigail and the rest of the town must rally together to get the railway to build the depot in Hope Valley. The strongest voice turns out to be that of young Cody, who gives an impassioned speech on the town's strong sense of community.

Oakes Fegley, Julianne Moore, and Michelle Williams, 2017, rated pg

The story of a young boy in the Midwest is told simultaneously with a tale about a young girl in New York from fifty years ago as they both seek the same mysterious connection.