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Movies are checked out for one week - unlike music and books.

August list by Nanette Alderman
Big Fish and Begonia
Big Fish & BegoniaShout! Factory, 2016, rated pg-13

Under the ocean is a mystical race of beings that control the tide and the changing of the seasons. One of these beings, a restless young girl named Chun, wants to experience the human world, not simply observe it. When she turns sixteen, she is allowed to transform into a dolphin to explore the human world. However, the world is a dangerous place. Trapped in a vortex, she is nearly killed but saved at the last minute by a human boy.

The Death of Superman
The Death of Supermanwarner bros., 2018, rated pg-13
english audio with english subtitles

Superman battles against an insurmountable foe named Doomsday.

elDLIVEfunimation, 2018, rated tv-14, 13up
english or japanese audio with english subtitles

Middle-school student Chuta Kokonose has been hearing a voice in his head ever since he can remember. When he finds himself recruited by the space police force known as elDLIVE, he learns that the source of the voice is a symbiotic creature living inside his body! Now it's up to Chuta to prove his mettle and defend the world alongside his newfound friends.

Fairy Tail
Fairy Tail Zerofunimation, 2018, rated tv-14, 13up
english or japanese audio with english subtitles

Mavis Vermillion left alone with Zera, the guild master's daughter, the two start their lives over from zero. With only each other, Mavis and Zera do what it takes to stay alive. And when they come across a band of treasure hunters, things begin to look up! With hope and new friends by her side, Mavis finally has a chance at a better life, and to create a path towards a guild of her own.

Gamers!funimation, 2018, rated 13UP
english or japanese audio with english subtitles

Keita Amano is a fan of one thing: gaming! Whether he's on his phone or console, he just loves playing video games. And when the beautiful president of the game club, Karen Tendou, invites him to join, it seems like an EZ choice. Except, he declines! KO'd by the shock, Karen suddenly makes getting close to Amano her main quest. But she's not the only one interested in him.

Naruto Shippuden
Naruto Shippuden. Set 35 viz media, 2018, rated 13up
english or japanese audio with english subtitles

Tsunade's Tsukuyomi induced dream of Jiraiya's novel about Naruto continues with his quest to return Sasuke to the Village failing and him having to defend the village from Pain. After the natural conclusion of the novel join Sasuke as the Sharingan he implanted from Itachi shows him the truth of his brother's life and deeds.

Seraph of the End
Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign. Season Onefunimation, 2017, rated 13up
english or japanese audio with english subtitles

Yuichiro Hyakuya is a young member of the Moon Demon Company, a prestigious army squadron armed with Cursed Gear and tasked with exterminating vampires. After the blood-sucking monsters killed his family when he was a child, Yuichiro vowed he wouldn't stop fighting until every last one was dead. But when a familiar face from his past appears sporting a new set of fangs, the line drawn between good and evil begins to blur.