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July List by Donalee Jacobs
Habib Galbi
Habib Galbia-wa

A-Wa is three sisters whose sweeping and uncompromising creation will take listeners on an exciting journey. Not far from the Egyptian border, A-Wa comes from Israel, and fuses Yemenite music with jazz, R&B, hip-hop, and more.

Songs From The Black Cedar Hills
Songs From The Black Cedar Hillslouie gonnie

Named for those lands that have been the family stronghold for decades, this recording brings together prolific Dine songmaker Louie Gonnie with brother Dewey Gonnie and cousin Logan Yazzie to honor their family's vibrant lineage of song and prayer.

Best Of African Mbube
Best Of African Mbubevarious

A lovely and varied collection of the most beautiful and inspiring traditional songs and new compositions from Zimbabwe and South Africa. Intricate rhythms; energy driven, engaging songs and a beauty and enthusiasm that is unrivaled. Sung in beautiful close harmony, a cappella and with instrumental accompaniments.

Master Of The Chinese Erhu
Master Of The Chinese Erhuzhou yu & Ensemble

Zhou Yu is one of the foremost performers of the traditional Chinese instrument, the erhu. Here with his ensemble, he showcases his talents with beautiful traditional Chinese music.; Other traditional Chinese instruments accompany the erhu, including the yang qin, xiao , pipa, guzheng, ruan, and sheng.

They Moved In Shadow All Together
They Moved In Shadow All Togetheremily jane white

Throughout her career, singer-songwriter Emily Jane White has cultivated a dedicated audience in Europe and North America. Her fifth album promises to make that fan base grow.

Monistic Theory
Monistic Theoryjoe driscoll & sekou kouyate

Joe Driscoll has gained fame over the last decade for his unique blend of folk, funk and hip-hop. Sekou Kouyate, from Guinea, is one of the most innovative and virtuosic players of the kora, the 21-stringed West African harp. When these two seemingly disparate artistic forces are combined, an incendiary musical reaction takes place.

Revelationj.b. moundele

When he first set foot on the African continent about fifteen years ago, J.B. Moundele was still Jean-Baptiste Dobiecki, a French jazz saxophonist introduced to African rhythms by a few heavyweights of the Parisian scene. The effect of his stay on African soil, on the occasion of a concert given in his country by the Cameroon vocalist Gino Sitson, can be described in a single word, a revelation, to which the musician refers through the title of his new album.

With The Dawn
With The Dawnbella hardy

Bella Hardy's seventh solo album With The Dawn, her first since being named BBC Radio 2 Folk Singer Of The Year, is an account of one year of her life. Where previously Bella has adapted and explored traditional ballads and fables to tell her contemporary folk tales, the stories that inspired these songs are her own experiences: good and bad, happy or sad. 

Live At The Metropolitan Museum Of Art
Live At The Metropolitan Museum Of Art
judy collins

Performing in front of The Metropolitan Museum of Art's magnificent Temple of Dendur, Judy Collins showcases the biggest hits of an amazing career and covers classics by her contemporaries in the public television special