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February List by Donalee Jacobs

While Tinariwen have been bringing their tours to all five continents their homeland in the Adrar des Ifoghas, a Saharan mountain range that straddles the border between north-eastern Mali and southern Algeria has transformed into a conflict zone. So the band chose to record this album in several locations around the world, including 4 days the desert hideaway of Rancho De La Luna studio in Joshua Tree, CA.

Folk Time
Folk TimeHart Valley Drifters

The Hart Valley Drifters was one in the long line of groups Jerry Garcia put together during the folk revival of the early '60s. This release, a previously unheard studio recording of Garcia at age twenty, fills in a nearly empty slot of his musical canon, and is the earliest known studio recording of him. 

Mockingbird Soul
Mockingbird SoulBrigitte Demeyer & Will Kimbrough

Demeyer and Kimbrough bring their long standing touring partnership to their first full duet style release which highlights their harmonies and Southern acoustic vibe. 

MeiaMeia: New Music For Berimbau
MeiaMeia: New Music For BerimbauArcomusical

The traditional Afro-Brazilian berimbau is composed of a single steel string, a wooden bow and a resonating gourd. On MeiaMeia, the berimbau is literally reinvented. Thanks to custom tuneable instruments expertly hand-crafted by David Snappy White, composers Gregory Beyer and Alexis C. Lamb and the dedicated talent of ensemble Projeto Arcomusical take the berimbau to new heights of collaboration, interplay and communication. 

Time TO Grow Wings
Time To Grow WingsPaul Henriksen

Paul Henriksen once played in the Norwegian bands The Passengers and Flying Shoes. This solo release was recorded and produced by Rune Berg, the songwriter and guitarist of the Margarets and features a collection of self penned folk/country songs. 

Poulo Warali
Poulo WaraliAwa Poulo

Awa Poulo and her band combine the hallmarks of Peulh music, warm flute floating over cross-rhythmic n'goni riffs and resonant calabash gourd hand percussion, with broader Malian sounds like lightly-distorted guitar and a heavier, rollicking intertia.

November Moving In
November Moving InLowbird Highbird

Lowbird Highbird is a 5-piece band from the small town of Pitea, Sweden. On their debut album, November Moving In, they use the old ways of recording; live in the studio on two inch tape; which allowed them to capture a traditional yet contemporary feeling within their music.