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August List by Donalee Jacobs
The Bird & The Rifle
The Bird & The Riflelori mckenna

The tenth full-length album from Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter Lori McKenna features ten original songs, including McKenna's version of Humble & Kind.

Hawniyazkayhan kalhor

Kayhan Kalhor creates a sonic universe where Kurdish and Persian musical traditions unite with just a touch of the West.

The Best Of Scottish Pipes & Drums
The Best Of Scottish Pipes & Drumsvarious

This collection takes listeners on a musical journey through time in Scotland, from the Pride of Murray Pipe Band who was formed in 1952 to the first Battalion Scots Guards who were deployed in Afghanistan recently. 

Down Home Blues
Down Home Bluesnoah wall

Noah Wall lets her voice shine through on this stunning example of classic Folk sensibilities with a modern twist. The album mixes traditional Folk songs with new original material showcasing Wall's songwriting as well as vocals.

Ice & Longboats
Ice & Longboatsensemble mare balticum

The second volume in Delphian Records' monumental collaboration with the European Music Archaeology Project. The series explores the earliest known music from Scandanavia. 

Rhythms Of The Nile
Rhythms Of The Nilehossam ramzy

Egyptian master percussionist Hossam Ramzy presents this album of Egyptian rhythmic dance. The first part of the album explains the Egyptian dance rhythms, and gives examples of each, such as the Masmoudi, Maqsoum, and Saaidi. From track 25 on, Hossam presents a drumming workshop.

Across Russia
Across RussiaVarious

This album takes listeners on a journey of some 9,000 kilometers through Russia, from Saint Petersburg to Anadyr. Russian music is rooted in the distant past, with sources in the ancient Slavic religion and its ritual chants, while the music of Siberia is essentially vocal, and influenced by shamanism.

Prairie WWWW
Prairie WWWWPrairie WWWW

An experimental folk band from Taipei, Taiwan. Prairie WWWW's music combines poetry, folk, ambient and tribal elements. From lo-fi drones, ambient flute, synth, guitar interplay, chanting and trippy rhythmic percussion, it is a Taiwanese feedback folk march, buzzing with consciousness of the hive mind.