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August list by Bret Armstrong
Nobody's Smiling common

Common's 2014 album, his tenth studio album overall, is inspired by the events taking place in his native Chicago. With tracks like Kingdom, he hopes that this music will serve as a call to action. (Explicit Lyrics)  

die Antword
Donker Mag
die antwoord

Die Antwoord took the world by storm with their 2010 debut, which featured an incredibly aggressive sound featuring many elements of music from their native South Africa.   Now they return with their hotly anticipated third album which features a hurricane of sound that takes the band to the next level. (Explicit Lyrics)

These Things Happeng-eazy

The 'James Dean of Rap' has toured the country, selling out rock clubs and playing arenas opening for Lil Wayne, Drake, and others. This is his third full-length release. (Explicit Lyrics)  

MursdayMayday & Murs

What started as a collaboration two years ago has grown into a musical movement. While working together Murs and Mayday found a common musical chemistry that comes across in a groundbreaking album full of passion and energy. (Explicit Lyrics) 

Swollen Members
Brand New Dayswollen members

Canadian hip-hop mainstays Swollen Members return with a new release, which comes on the heels of their acclaimed 2013 album Beautiful Death Machine. Along with the title track, the CD includes Power; Creatures of Evil; and Still Kill. (Explicit Lyrics)