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April list by L. Buehler
Dance Dance!
Dance Dance!The Wiggles

It's time to put on some dancing shoes as the Wiggles release their danciest and fanciest album ever, which features new songs and cherished favorites. It also brings together a wide variety of dance styles, including ballet, jazz, and tap.

Disney Karaoke Series - Beauty and Beast
Disney Karaoke Series - Beauty and Beastvarious artists

Relive a tale as old as time with karaoke versions of songs from Disney's live-action version of Beauty and the Beast, including Be Our Guest.  

Kids Bible Songs & Stories
Kids Bible Songs & StoriesDrew's Famous

The Bible and its sacred story come alive through music. Songs of faith and praise dominate this collection geared for children, while many of its tales and legends are symbolically illuminated through the spoken word narratives beginning with Love Your Neighbor; through The Garden.    

Kids Fun
Kids Fun 
Drew's famous 

Playground and school activities blend nicely with this selection of children's songs for games such as Simon Says and The Name Game, and dancing along with The Chicken Dance; Mexican Hat Dance; and Limbo Rock. For preschool and elementary grade classes.

Love Bug!
Love Bug!Valerie leonhart smalkin

A Parents' Choice Recommended CD, the latest from Valerie Smalkin features both new songs and familiar favorites including Funky Monkey; Barnyard Song; and Bumble Bee.

Love Songs for My Baby
Love Songs for My Babyalex and the kaleidoscope band

From the early mornings to the sleepless nights, and all that unfolds in the first precious years of life, songs like Love Is All It Takes; Having a Party; and Music in My Heart; provide a joyful soundtrack to the amazing experience of parenthood

Mindy marie

Inspired by the birth of her daughter, Mindy Marie creates a collection of dreamy, soothing lullabies. They can easily be enjoyed by all, especially new parents and babies.

Nursery Rhymes
Nursery Rhymes
The wiggles

The Wiggles perform a selection of cherished nursery rhymes on an album that encourages children to sing, dance, play, and tell stories. Some of the classics include I'm a Little Teapot; Itsy Bitsy Spider; and Wheels on the Bus.

Storytime Singalong Vol 2
Storytime Singalong Vol 2
Emily Arrow

Emily Arrow's whimsical and charming sing-along tunes are adored by kids, parents, and teachers alike. Includes the songs Be A Friend; We Are Enough; Anything Can Be A Song; and more.  

When I'm Happy
When I'm Happy 
Sharon novak

An album for very young children that discusses feelings and emotions in a way that very young children can appreciate and enjoy. 


Music CD's can be checked out for three weeks, just like books and can be renewed up to three times.