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July list by Lyndi Buehler
Adventures in Rhythm
Adventures in RhythmElla Jenkins

Ella Jenkins presents an engaging progression of simple to complex rhythmic concepts with Adventures in Rhythm.

Cars, Trucks, and Trains
Cars, Trucks, and TrainsVarious Artists

Lively, singable songs help children learn about the many vehicles that take to our roads every day, including fire engines, dump trucks, school buses, and more.  

Classic Folk Songs For Kids From Smithsonian Folkways
Classic Folk Songs for Kids From Smithsonian FolkwaysVarious Artists

With this collection, curator Jeff Place culls a cross-section of 26 classics from the Smithsonian Folkways vaults to tell an intriguing story of American signature sing-along. The songs' origins are as fascinating as the songs are fun: centuries-old European ballads, an American Revolutionary tune, Nineteenth-century American folksongs, African-derived game songs, a sea chantey, a railroad jingle, camp songs, and even an opera song.  

I'm Special
I'm Special 
Eric Demel

Melodic, fun, message filled songs for kids and adults. Adults will enjoy just as much as their kids!

Infinity Plus One
Infinity Plus OneSecret Agent 23 Skidoo

Secret Agent 23 Skidoo is dropping his new album that contains funk, New Orleans brass, gypsy swing, soul, and Motown, all wrapped up in thumping hip-hop beats and rhymes.

Kidz Bop 32
Kidz Bop 32Kidz BOp Kids

Kidz Bop celebrates its fifteenth birthday with a new collection that features kid-friendly versions of such hits as Meghan Trainor's No; Flo Rida's My House; Drake's One Dance; and many more. There is also a new original song called Life of the Party

Mozart Effect Music for Babies Vol. 1
Mozart Effect Music for Babies Vol. 1
various artists

A Volume 1, From Playtime To Sleepytime, is a group of recordings for active play and creativity and transitions to soothing compositions to gently put your baby to sleep..

Party Pop
Party Pop

Gummibar is a popular singing and dancing gummy bear, with millions of fans across the globe and over five billion views on YouTube. His latest collection features his most popular songs, as well as three new tracks.

Songs About Colors & Shapes
Songs About Colors & Shapes
Various Artists

Upbeat action songs teach children the important concepts of colors and shapes.

Up in a Tree!
Up in a Tree!
Bobby Beetcut

Bobby Beetcut takes kids and parents on a musical journey through a variety of musical styles from funk to folk, groovy pop rock to rocking rhythm and blues. His songs are positive life messages that encourage confidence, living a healthy lifestyle, and social responsibility. 


Music CD's can be checked out for three weeks, just like books and can be renewed up to three times.