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Movies are checked out for one week - unlike music and books.

April list by Nanette Alderman
47 Below
47 Belowdreamscape media, 2016, not rated

The astonishing true story of an amateur adventurer's solo crossing of Antarctica reveals the incredible power of the human spirit when faced with impossible odds.

Adele and Everything After
Adele and Everything Aftergravitas ventures, 2017, not rated

Marty had a heart condition that made her pass out every day. Adele was a cardiac alert service dog who could literally sense the beating of Marty's heart and save her from fainting. They were the perfect team. They were soulmates. But nothing can last forever, and as the time comes for Adele's retirement, Marty must figure out how to let go of her best friend and find a new partner who can take over the job of protecting her heart.

Aida's Secrets
Aida's Secretsmusic box films, 2016, not rated

In this moving documentary, the discovery of records from WWII sparks a family's quest for answers as two brothers separated as babies reunite with each other and their elderly mother, who hid more from them than just each other.

Bill Nye
Bill Nye: Science Guypbs home video, 2018, not rated

Bill Nye is a man on a mission, to stop the spread of anti-scientific thinking across the world. With intimate and exclusive access, as well as plenty of wonder and whimsy, this behind the scenes portrait of Nye follows him as he takes off his Science Guy lab coat and takes on those who deny climate change, evolution, and a science-based world view.

Black Hole Apocalypse
Black Hole Apocalypsepbs home video, 2018, rated tv-g

Join astrophysicist and novelist Janna Levin on a mind-blowing voyage to the frontiers of black hole science, which is shining new light on the most powerful and mysterious objects in the universe.

Chasing Life
Chasing Lifedreamscape media, 2017, not rated

This Telly Award-winning documentary focuses on recovery from addiction, highlighting resources for those suffering from America's worst-ever opiate addiction crisis.

Dolorespbs home video, 2018, rated tv-pg

Dolores Huerta is among the most important, yet least known, activists in American history. An equal partner in co-founding the first farm workers unions with Cesar Chavez, her enormous contributions have gone largely unrecognized. Dolores tirelessly led the fight for racial and labor justice, becoming one of the most defiant feminists of the twentieth century.

Dolphins: Spy in the Podbritish broadcasting company, 2014, rated tv-pg

Dolphins are one of the most social and playful animals on the planet. They develop strong family and group relationships and often work with other species to find a meal, while having plenty of fun along the way. This series explores the unexpected and often never-seen-before aspects of dolphin behavior using specially designed cameras and the latest technology.

Escapesgrasshopper film, 2017, not rated

Michael Almereyda blazes a wild path through mid-20th-century Hollywood via the experiences of Hampton Fancher, a flamenco dancer, actor, and the unlikely producer and screenwriter of the landmark sci-fi classic Blade Runner. A consummate raconteur, Fancher recounts episodes from his remarkable life.

I Voted?
I Voted?passion river films, 2016, not rated

A feature-length, non-partisan documentary which examines the capture and counting of ballots in American elections. It asks the question: What are the specific assurances of accuracy and security in American voting? The answers are both surprising and disturbing.

The Last Rhino
The Last Rhinopbs home video, 2018, rated tv-pg

Sudan is the very last male Northern White Rhino. His amazing story is told through the global cast of people involved in Sudan's life of 43 years. He was aged two when snatched from his mom's side in Central Africa and became a prized exhibit in a zoo behind the Iron Curtain while the rest of his kind was poached to extinction. Now Sudan is the focus of an eleventh hour battle to save his sub-species.

Mabel, Mable, Tiger Trainer
Mabel, Mabel, Tiger Trainercinema libre, 2018, not rated

A story of the world's first female tiger trainer, who claimed her love for her tigers was so great she wanted to die in the ring.

Mushersdreamscape media, 2015, not rated

Join 26 fearless teams and their 364 dogs as they take on the Yukon Quest, more than ten days of trekking across 1,600 kilometers of the inhospitable Arctic.

The Real Story: Star Trek
The Real Story: Star Treksmithsonian channel, 2018, rated tv-g

The biggest movie and TV franchise of all time, Star Trek spawned more than 700 TV episodes and twelve films. Creator Gene Roddenberry's vision of the future helped inspire today's scientists to develop the first scientific principles of teleportation, the creation of artificial intelligence, androids, and more. Now, scientists, series producers, the first Trekkies, and Spock himself, Leonard Nimoy, provide new insights into a show that inspired audiences everywhere to create a better world.

The Sunshine Makers
The Sunshine Makersfilmrise, 2015, not rated

A real-life 'Breaking Bad' for the psychedelic set, it reveals the untold story of Nicholas Sand and Tim Scully, the unlikely duo at the heart of the '60s American drug counterculture. United in a utopian mission to save the planet through the consciousness-raising power of a form of LSD called Orange Sunshine, it documents the story of these two men who made millions of tabs of LSD, while trying to stay one step ahead of the feds.

Titanic's Tragic Twin
Titanic's Tragic Twin: The Britannic Disasterdreamscape media, 2016, not rated

The Titanic was not alone. She had a twin sister, the Britannic, which, despite being bigger and better built, sank to the bottom three times faster than the Titanic did. When WWI broke out, the enormous ship was transformed from the largest ocean liner in the world to the greatest hospital ship in the world.

Understanding the Opioid Epidemic
Understanding the Opioid Epidemicpbs home video, 2018, rated tv-pg

Captures the story of the opioid crisis through personal stories and interviews with experts and reveals the tragic impact of the overuse of prescription painkillers on individuals, families, and communities.

When Giants Fall
When Giants Fallpassion river films, 2015, not rated

The ivory trade is a cruel business. Every fifteen minutes an elephant is killed for its ivory. Crime syndicates involved in gun, drug and human trafficking reap huge profits from the ivory trade. So do dangerous terrorist groups including Joseph Kony's Lord's Resistance Army and al-Qaeda affiliate al-Shabaab. These terrorists threaten the safety and stability of Africa and the national security of the United States.

Who Put the Klan into Ku Klux Klan
Who Put the Klan Into Ku Klux Klandreamscape media, 2016, not rated

In this surprising documentary, archaeologist and historian Neil Oliver examines the links between racism today in the Deep South and the Scots who first occupied it.

Why Are We Fat?
Why Are We Fat?dreamscape media, 2016, not rated

Obesity is the biggest health crisis on the planet. This documentary explains the reasons for rapid weight gain and looks at what people can do about it.