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Movies are checked out for one week - unlike music and books.

January list by Nanette Alderman
Architects of Denial
Architects of Denialfilm movement, 2017, not rated

Though both the historical and modern-day persecution of Armenians and other Christians is relatively uncovered in the mainstream media and not on the radar of many average Americans, it is a subject that has gotten far more attention in recent years. It was during and after World War I that the Ottoman Empire carried out the systematic mass murder of what is estimated by many to be 1.5 million Christian citizens, most of them Armenian, but also Greek and Assyrian Christians.

The Bad Kids
The Bad Kidsfilmrise, 2016, not rated

Located in an impoverished Mojave Desert community, Black Rock Continuation High School is one of California's alternative schools for students at risk of dropping out. Every student here has fallen so far behind in credits that they have no hope of earning a diploma at a traditional high school. Black Rock is their last chance.

Charlie and the Curious Otters
Charlie and the Curious Otterspbs home video, 2017, rated tv-pg

Otters are playful, adaptable and champion swimmers - they have captivated cameraman Charlie Hamilton James for the last 25 years. He has filmed them more than anyone else. Now, through the eyes of three orphaned river otters, a set of groundbreaking experiments and some incredible wild encounters, Charlie wants to reveal their survival secrets and exactly why he believes they are so special.

Fox Tales
Fox Talespbs home video, 2017, rated tv-pg

The resilient red foxes are able to change their behavior to successfully make a home in new environments at a rate that astounds even the scientists who have spent a lifetime studying them. Fox Tales reveals new research into everything from their first hours of life to their first steps into unchartered territory, to offer a visually rich and fascinating look into the secret life of red foxes.

Ghosts of Stonehenge
Ghosts of Stonehengepbs home video, 2017, rated tv-pg

Stonehenge is the grandest and most enigmatic of Europe's prehistoric monuments, and has inspired countless theories to explain who built it and why. Over the last decade, archaeologists have analyzed the bones of human remains buried there 5,000 years ago and remnants of huge feasts that fed the laborers at the site. Viewers will learn intimate details of the Stonehenge people and why their power began to fade soon after they raised the mighty stones.

Good Things To Do
Good Things To Dodreamscape media, 2012, not rated

The Danish island of Samso is an experimental site for renewable energy production that is showing the world that people can change their relationships with their resources.

Harry and Snowman
Harry and Snowmanfilmrise, 2015, not rated

Dutch immigrant Harry DeLeyer journeyed to the United States after World War II and developed a transformative relationship with a broken-down Amish plow horse he rescued off a slaughter truck that was bound for the glue factory. Harry paid 80 dollars for the horse and named him Snowman, and in less than two years, the team went on to win the triple crown of snow jumping, beating the nation's top pedigree horses and wealthiest socialites.

In Our Hands
In Our Hands: The Battle for Jerusalemvirgil films, 2017, not rated

As Israeli paratroopers entered the Old City of Jerusalem on the morning of June 7, 1967, Colonel Motta Gur sent that message over the radio, and the entire world listened as the city of Jerusalem was reunited under Jewish control for the first time in nearly 1,900 years. Shot entirely on location in Israel, it tells the story of the battle for Jerusalem through the eyes of Israel's 55th Paratrooper Brigade.

Killer Volcanoes
Killer Volcanoespbs home video, 2017, rated tv-Pg

NOVA's expert team looks for the signature of a volcanic eruption big enough to have blasted a huge cloud of ash and sulfuric acid into the atmosphere. Killer Volcanoes spotlights the search for the mystery volcano that plunged the globe into a deep freeze and inflicted famine on medieval Europe.

Manolo: The Boy Who Made Shoes for Lizardsmusic box films, 2017, not rated

An in-depth portrait of Manolo Blahnik, self-confessed cobbler and the man regarded by most influential fashion figures as the best shoemaker of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Mosulpbs home video, 2017, rated tv-14

Inside the brutal battle to defeat ISIS in Mosul, Iraq's second largest city. Filmed across the entire nine-month campaign, the documentary features extraordinary combat footage of one Iraqi Special Forces unit that bore the brunt of the fighting.

Naledi: One Little Elephantpbs home video, 2017, not rated

The incredible story of a baby elephant who was born into a rescue camp in the wilderness of Botswana. When she is suddenly orphaned at one-month-old, it is up to the keepers who look after the herd to keep her alive. This one elephant's tale remains both intimate and epic, a journey of tragedy and triumph, because when her entire species faces extinction, one life means everything.

North Korea's Deadly Dictator
North Korea's Deadly Dictatorpbs home video, 2017, not rated

Investigate who killed Kim Jong-un's half brother and what it reveals about the leader and his regime. Amid nuclear tensions, the film examines claims the North Korean leader ordered the assassination, and sheds light on his intentions and capabilities.

Secrets of the Shining Knight
Secrets of the Shining Knightpbs home video, 2017, not rated

Discover what it was like to be a knight in shining armor and follow the historic manufacturing process. Join master armorers as they re-engineer the Greenwich armor, considered some of the greatest armor ever made, and then put it to the test.

War on the EPA
War on the EPApbs home video, 2017, rated tv-pg

How Scott Pruitt went from fighting the EPA to running the agency and rolling back years of policy. An investigation into the conservative political forces and causes, like climate change skepticism, that propelled Pruitt's takeover of the EPA.