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Movies are checked out for one week - unlike music and books.

January list (no new titles) by Nanette Alderman
Try a British mystery series!
David Tennant, Olivia Colman, Jodie Whittaker, Arthur Darvill, and David Bradley, 2013, not rated

Two strong yet compassionate detectives are brought together to solve the murder of an eleven year-old boy in a small coastal town. Under the glare of the media spotlight, the two race to find the killer.

The Brokenwood Mysteries
The Brokenwood MysteriesNeill Rea and Fern Sutherland, 2014, not rated

Detective Inspector Mike Shepherd arrives on assignment in Brokenwood, a small town where memories-and animosities-run deep. He's an experienced cop with a 1971 'classic' car, a collection of country music cassettes, and an indeterminate number of ex-wives. The new woman in his life is his assistant, Detective Constable Kristin Sims a by-the-book investigator nearly twenrty years younger than her boss's car, who quickly has to get used to his lone-wolf ways.

Chasing Shadows
Chasing ShadowsReece Shearsmith, Alex Kingston, Alfie Field, Don Warrington, Noel Clarke, Adjoa Andoh, Lynda Baron, and Myriam Acharki, 2014, not rated

DS Sean Stone has an uncanny ability to identify and predict patterns of human behavior. He knows how people work, but he doesn't understand them. When no one else will work with the socially inept genius, Sean is cast out to the Missing Persons Bureau and partnered with empathetic analyst Ruth Hattersley. Despite the conflict and frustration between them, they make the perfect team as they protect the most vulnerable in society from the evil that stalks them.

The Fall
The FallGillian Anderson, Jamie Dornan, Archie Panjabi, John Lynch, Laura Donnelly, and Michael McElhatton, 2013, not rated

DSI Stella Gibson is a steely detective on the trail of a serial killer stalking the streets of Belfast.

GrantchesterJames Norton and Robson Green, 2015, not rated

It's 1953 and Sidney Chambers is vicar of Grantchester, a village just outside Cambridge, England. Sidney's is a quiet life. He tends to his flock, keeps up with his jazz collection, and does his best to contain his passion for beautiful heiress Amanda Kendall. But when one of his parishioners dies in suspicious circumstances, Sidney quickly finds that people confide things in a parish priest that they would never tell police.

New Tricks
New TricksAmanda Redman and Dennis Waterman, 2003, not rated

A motley crew of retired police officers re-opens troublesome cases that were never laid to rest. From the discovery of a new motive in the killing of a college lecturer to the tracing of a missing child, the team finds a way through the detail that eluded the original officers.

Prime Suspect
Prime SuspectHelen Mirren and Ralph Fiennes, 1992, not rated

Detective Chief Inspector Jane Tennison investigates a rape-murder, but hits many walls in the form of the police captain, and bigotry in the outside world, that believes a woman can't handle such a case.

Scott and Bailey
Scott and BaileySuranne Jones, Lesley Sharp, and Amelia Bullmore, 2011, not rated

Gripping murder mysteries face Detective Constable Rachel Bailey and her partner Detective Constable Janet Scott in this series from award-winning writer Sally Wainwright. Beyond their defense of the law, these two tough women are battling challenges in their personal lives as well. Bailey is noisy, argumentative and single, while the more subtle Scott is a wife and mother.

SherlockBenedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, 2009, not rated

A contemporary take on the classic Arthur Conan Doyle stories, Sherlock is a thrilling, funny, fast-paced adventure series set in present-day London. The iconic details from Conan Doyle's original books remain: they live at the same address, have the same names, and, somewhere out there, Moriarty is waiting for them. And so across three thrilling, scary, action-packed, and highly modern adventures, Sherlock and John navigate a maze of cryptic clues and lethal killers to get at the truth.

MBrenda Blethyn and Paul Ritter, 2011, not rated

With her caustic wit and singular charm, DCI Vera Stanhope and her trusted right-hand man DS Joe Ashworth face a series of captivating murder mysteries set against the breathtaking Northumberland landscape.