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Musicals & Westerns


Movies are checked out for one week - unlike music and books.

February list by Nanette Alderman
A Date with Judy
A Date with Judy
Elizabeth Taylor, Wallace Beery, Robert Stack, Jane Powell, and Carmen Miranda, 1948, not rated

The great American tragedy is no date, but perky Judy Foster needn't worry. Her date for the school dance is that oh-so-handsome new guy in town. What's more, she saw him first, so finders keepers, right? Not if her best friend Carol Pringle has her way!

JamboreeKay Medford, Bob Pastine, Paul Carr, Frankie Avalon, Jimmy Bowen, and Fats Domino, 1957, not rated

Musical drama about a hit romantic singing duo whose love affair is threatened when their feuding managers encourage them to go solo. 

Lulu Belle
Lulu BelleLeslie Fenton, Dorothy Lamour, George Montgomery, and Albert Dekker, 1948, not rated

Lulu is singing in a cheap dive in Mississippi when she meets rising young attorney George. He gives up his fiancée and career to marry Lulu. When his money runs out, Lulu goes to work in a New Orleans club run by Mark. She tries to send George back to Mississippi, but in a fit of jealousy, George stabs a man Lulu was trying to have an affair with. He's sent to prison and Lulu goes to New York with millionare Harry, who makes her a singing sensation of Broadway and asks her to marry him.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show
The Rocky Horror Picture ShowRyan McCartan, Victoria Justice, Laverne Cox, Adam Lambert, Reeve Carney, Annaleigh Ashford, Christina Milian, Staz Nair, Ivy Levan, and Ben Vereen, 2016, not rated

After their car breaks down during a storm, straitlaced couple Brad and Janet find themselves at the eerie castle of Dr. Frank-N-Furter. The innocent duo's mind-bending adventure escalates when their host, a sexually ambiguous mad scientist, unveils a stunning creation, a buff bodybuilder designed for her pleasure.

BlindmanRingo Starr, Malisa Longo, and Tony Anthony, 1971, rated r

A deadly gunman whom is blind is hired to escort fifty mail order brides to their husbands. When he is double-crossed by his friends he heads to Mexico to settle scores and save the women. Based partially on the true 1860's era story of Texas blindman, Luis Alcante.

In a Valley of Violence
In a Valley of ViolenceEthan Hawke, John Travolta, and Taissa Farmiga, 2016, rated r

Paul is a lone drifter who wanders into the forgotten town of Denton, Texas, dubbed by the locals as the valley of violence. There, he picks a fight with the wrong man, Gilly, the troublemaking son of the town's unforgiving marshal. As tensions arise between Paul and Gilly, an inevitable act of violence starts a disastrous chain reaction that quickly drags the whole town into the bloody crosshairs of revenge.

Night Passage
Night Passage
Audie Murphy, Dan Duryea, and James Stewart, 1957, not rated

Railroad workers have not been paid for months because Whitey and his gang keep holding up the train.

TombstoneCharlton Heston, Kurt Russell, Billy Zane, Val Kilmer, Billy Bob Thornton, Bill Paxton, and Sam Elliott, 1993, rated r

Wyatt Earp and his gang (including wise-cracking, scene-stealing Doc Holliday) head to Tombstone, Arizona, scene of the famous fight at the OK Corral.