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Musicals & Westerns


Movies are checked out for one week - unlike music and books.

September list by Nanette Alderman
Know How
Know How
Deshawn Brown, Niquana Clark, and Michael Dew, 2014, not rated

Five youth's worlds interweave as they confront loss, heartbreak, and come of age in this tale about transience and perseverance. Addie struggles to graduate from high school while her best brined Marie loses her grandmother. Megan copes with being taken from her abusive family and faces the harsh reality of living in a residential treatment center. All the while Eva works to be mother to her sister while their father falls deeper into a crack addiction.

Live a Little, Love a Little
Live a Little, Love a LittleElvis Presley, michele carey, and don porter, 1968, rated pg

Photographer Greg Nolan moonlights in two full-time jobs to pay the rent, but has trouble finding time to do them both without his bosses finding out. 

Viva Las Vegas
Viva Las Vegaselvis presley and ann margaret,1964, not rated

Elvis Presley and vivacious Ann-Margret sizzle in this dazzling funfest that's brimming with high-voltage musical numbers, roaring race cars, and glittery Vegas action. Includes featurette and Elvis photo scrapbook.

Adventures in Silverado
Adventures in SilveradoWilliam Bishop, Edgar Buchanan, Irving Bacon, Gloria Henry, Fred F. Sears, and Forrest Tucker, 1948, not rated

Legendary novelist Robert Louis Stevenson takes a trip to the Old West, searching for story material. Upon entering Silverado, he sees Bill Foss, an independent stagecoach driver looking to start his own line. Foss's arrival riles the town's stage-line driver, Zeke Butler, who challenges Foss to a race and runs him off the road.

Longmire. The Complete Fifth SeasonRobert Taylor, Katee Sackhoff, Lou Diamond Phillips, Adam Bartley, and Cassidy Freeman, 2016, not rated

Your favorite sheriff Walt Longmire is back. Tensions run high and loyalties are tested in Longmire's fifth season with more mystery, drama and dark secrets from Absaroka County, Wyoming.

The Rainmaker
The RainmakerBurt Lancaster, Katharine Hepburn, Wendell Corey, Lloyd Bridges, Earl Holliman, Cameron Prudhomme, and Wallace Ford, 1956, not rated

Lizzie Curry's on the verge of being an old maid when the town suffers a drought. Bill Starbuck, a rainmaker, comes to town and convinces her that she's got what it takes to win her man.