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Kid's Nonfiction


Movies are checked out for one week - unlike music and books.

May list by L. Buehler
Lockdown Drill
Lockdown DrillFlowerpot press, 2017, not rated

Teaches students the importance of listening to their teacher and school resource officer during important school drills. Using fun characters and engaging rhymes, this explains safe emergency practices to young children in a non-threatening manner.

Pilates Kids Chair Pilates - Study Break Workout - Vol. 2
Pilates Kids Chair Pilates - Study Break Workout - Vol. 2 
wonderscape entertainment, llc, 2017, not rated

In this second study break workout, refocus, energize, learn better, and have fun with this innovative program that teaches kids more simple breathing and exercise techniques that can mostly be performed while seated in a chair at a desk.

Police in Our School
Police in Our School  Flowerpot Press, 2017, Not Rated

A School Resource Officer has a diverse role in the school community and has many duties and responsibilities. This teaches kids about the important role their school resource officers play to protect them and their school.

So, You Want to be an Architect?
So, You Want to be an Architect? 
TMW Media group, 2017, not rated

Go into the world of architecture and discover just what it's like to be an architecture with young host Herschel Bronfman.

Washington, D.C.Sc
Washington, D.C.Schlessinger Media, 2017, Not Rated

This program illustrates the planning and building of important buildings and monuments of Washington, D.C., including the Capitol Building and the White House.