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Movies are checked out for one week - unlike music and books.

November list by Laura Berube
Against the Wild dvd
Against the WildNatasha Henstridge, Cj Adams, Erin Pitt, 2014, rated pg

Zach Wade is a mischievous kid who, along with his younger sister Hannah and their devoted dog Chinook, become lost in the wilderness when their small plane has engine problems and must make an emergency landing. Their mom and dad are frantic, and rescue teams are searching. But for the next few days, Zach, Hannah and Chinook must learn how to combine their skills, trust their instincts and navigate a terrain as beautiful as it is untamed.

Amazon Jack dvd
Amazon JackPhase 4 Films, 2014,  rated pg

The world's rarest and cutest creature, Amazon Jack, lives happily on a peaceful island with his friend Rita. But when a greedy millionaire puts out a reward for finding him, Jack must leave his home, evade capture, and outwit the tycoon before he ends up in a zoo for good.

Bold Eagles dvd
Bold EaglesPhase 4 Films, 2014, not rated

When the beautiful nature reserve Eagle Park is opened, keeping its precious eagles safe becomes a full-time job. But when the eagle and many other animals suddenly go missing, Eagle Park must turn to the famous Police Patrol to track down the disappearances. With a newly hatched baby eagle riding along under his hood, Radar the Police Car and Dottie the Otter must investigate some mysterious campers in the park and crack the case!

The Boxcar Children dvd
The Boxcar ChildrenMartin Sheen, Jadon Sand, J.K. Simmons, 2014, rated g

Four orphaned and homeless siblings happen upon an abandoned boxcar, which, with a little creativity and hard work, they gradually furnish with all the comforts of home. Fearful that they will be sent to live with the reputedly cruel grandfather they have never met, the children keep their new home a secret.

Daisy dvd
Daisy: A Hen into the WildOlive Films, 2014, not rated

Daisy is a hen who manages to escape the horrible conditions of an egg production line. After surviving a harrowing encounter with a one eyed weasel and being rejected by the barnyard animals where she grew up, a chance encounter see's her becoming the guardian of a duckling. Despite the child being a duck, Daisy is willing to learn and make the sacrifices she needs in order to ensure the happiness of her adopted son.

Mr. Peabody & Sherman dvd
Mr. Peabody & ShermanTy Burrell, Stephen Colbert, Max Charles, 2014, rated pg

When an advanced canine and his adopted son use their time traveling WABAC machine, events in history spiral out of control to disastrous and comical results. It's up to this most unexpected of father-son teams to somehow put things back on track before the space-time continuum is irreparably destroyed.