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Movies are checked out for one week - unlike music and books.

June list by Laura Berube
Gladiators dvd
Gladiators of RomeJohn Schwab, Flaminia Fegarotti, Emma Tate, 2015, rated pg

Timo, a student at the Gladiators' Academy in Rome, has no desire to become a legendary gladiator like his stepfather. That is, until the mesmerizing Lucilla walks into his life. With the help of an unlikely band of sidekicks, Timo is determined to be the gladiator of her dreams and embarks on an action-packed journey to become the Colosseum's first victor!

Jungle Shuffle dvd
Jungle ShuffleTom Arnold, Alicia Silverstone, 2015, not rated

It's a jungle out there, Manu and Sacha are two young coatis living in the Mexican rainforest. They are deeply in love with each other. The only problem is that Sacha is the daughter of the coati tribe's king and Manu is a bit of a trouble maker. When Manu's escapades leave the tribe's most worshipped statue destroyed, the King exiles Manu to live on his own in the jungle.

A Mouse Tale dvd
A Mouse TaleJon Heder, Cary Elwes, Jon Lovitz, 2015, rated pg

In order to save their kingdom from evil rodents, Sebastian and Samantha are sent on a quest by the King of Rodencia and the wise Wizard Dalliwog to obtain a legendary magic crystal that has the power to defeat the rodents. With the help of two trustworthy knights, they venture deep into the forest and enter a forbidden world of giants in order to accomplish their mission and restore order to the kingdom.

Sabrina dvd
Sabrina - Magic of the Red RoseTabitha St. Germain, Ashley Tisdale, 2015, not rated

Join Sabrina, the teenage witch, for a magically exciting adventure! Whether she's preventing Werewolf Flowers from causing havoc, enduring a bad date with a snobby warlock, reuniting a baby dragon with its heartbroken mother, or rescuing her best friend Jessie from the clutches of an angry sprite, Sabrina casts a spell of bewitching fun!

Zoey to the Max dvd
Zoey to the MaxAmy Smart, Grant Bowler, 2015, not rated

Zoey, a thirteen year old foster child, watches her foster family's dog get stolen while she's in charge! The criminals, a pair of Home-Alone-like thugs, are after the mutt because he is a famous show dog. Zoey runs away from the desert on a cross-country adventure with her techy new friend in order to track down the dog and save the relationship with her foster family.