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Movies are checked out for one week - unlike music and books.

February list by Nanette Alderman
American Gothic
American Gothic. Season One
Catalina Sandino Moreno, Juliet Rylance, Antony Starr, Justin Chatwin, and Megan Ketch, 2016, not ratED

A prominent Boston family reels in the wake of the chilling discovery that someone in their midst is linked to an infamous string of murders. As shocking secrets from the past and present are revealed, their suspicion that one of them is a killer threatens to tear the family apart.

American Pastoral
American PastoralEwan McGregor, Jennifer Connelly, Dakota Fanning, and Valorie Curry, 2016, Rated r

Seymour 'Swede' Levov, a once-legendary high school athlete, is a successful businessman married to an ex-beauty queen, Dawn. When Swede and Dawn's daughter disappears after being accused of a violent crime, Swede's perfect life is broken forever and he is left to make sense out of the chaos.

Burn Country
Burn CountryDominic Rains, Melissa Leo, and James Franco, 2016, not Rated

An exiled Afghan journalist moves to northern California. When he tries to rise above his menial job on a police blotter by covering a local crime, he's drawn into a world of violence.

The Code
The Code. Season 2Dan Spielman, Ashley Zukerman, Adele Perovic, Anthony Lapaglia, Robyn Malcolm, Sigrid Thornton, and Ella Scott Lynch, 2016, not Rated

Two Canberra-based brothers become entangled in a cover-up that involves a remote outback community and key members of the Australian government.

Come and Find Me
Come and Find MeAaron Paul, Annabelle Wallis, Garret Dillahunt, Zachary Knighton, and Terry Chen, 2016, Rated r

David and Claire's idyllic relationship comes to an abrupt and mysterious end after Claire disappears without a trace. Devastated but incapable of letting go, David follows her trail down a frantic and increasingly dangerous path. Shocked at discovering Claire was living a double life, he's forced to risk everything if he ever wants to see her again.

Greenleaf. Season OneMerle Dandridge, Keith David, Lynn Whitfield, Kim Hawthorne, Lamman Rucker, and Tye White, 2016, not Rated

Greenleaf World Ministries is more than just a house of worship, it is the center of a community, and a duplicitous life. Although the family business is religion, the Greenleaf family and their business practices are not without sin. Yet amidst the mayhem and deception, the power of something greater exists, calling all to test their faith.

Lead With Your Heart
Lead With Your HeartWilliam Baldwin and Kari Matchett, 2015, not Rated

With their youngest son leaving for college in the fall, happily married couple Ben and Maura prepare for their upcoming chapter as empty nesters. The couple faces an even larger change when Maura takes a temporary position, and big promotion, in Minneapolis. Ben and Maura miss one another while living apart, but the distance also shines a light on their differences like never before.

Line of Duty
Line of Duty. Series 3Keeley Hawes, Martin Compston, Vicky McClure, and Adrian Dunbar, 2016, not Rated

The critically acclaimed drama returns for six more riveting episodes. In this season, DC Kate Fleming and DS Steve Arnott of AC-12 investigate the conduct of Sergeant Danny Waldron of the Armed Response Unit.

Little Men
Little MenGreg Kinnear, Jennifer Ehle, and Paulina Garcia, 2016, Rated pg

A new pair of best friends have their bond tested by their parents' battle over a dress shop lease.

Looking. The Complete Series and the MovieJonathan Groff, Frankie J. Alvarez, Murray Bartlett, Lauren Weedman, Russell Tovey, and Raul Castillo, 2016, Rated tv-ma

The series revolves around three thirty-something friends living in San Francisco, who explore the exciting, sometimes overwhelming, options available to a new generation of gay men. Patrick is a 29-year-old video game designer, aspiring artist Agustin, 31, questions the idea of monogamy, and the group's oldest member, longtime waiter Dom, 39, is facing middle age with dreams still unfulfilled.

Milton's Secret
Milton's Secret
Michelle Rodriguez, Donald Sutherland, and Mia Kirshner, 2016, rated pg

Eleven-year-old Milton Adams is growing up in an uncertain world full of bullies. With his parents constantly stressing about their careers and finances, and the neighborhood bully tormenting him, Milton's world is in crisis. But when his grandpa comes to visit, he discovers worrying about the future only makes things worse.

Mr. Church
Mr. Church
Eddie Murphy, Britt Robertson, Natascha McElhone, Xavier Samuel,  and Lucy Fry, 2016, rated pg-13

A little girl and her dying mother obtain the services of a talented cook. What begins as a six-month arrangement spans fifteen years and creates a family bond that lasts forever.

Mr. Robot
Mr. Robot. Season 2.0Rami Malek, Carly Chaikin, Portia Doubleday, Martin Wallstrom, Christian Slater, Sunita Mani, and Michel Gill, 2016, not Rated

Winner of the Golden Globe for Best TV Drama, it follows Elliot Alderson, a young cyber-security engineer who becomes involved in the underground hacker group fsociety, after being recruited by their mysterious leader. Following the events of fsociety's 5/9 hack on multi-national company Evil Corp, the second season explores the consequences of that attack as well as the illusion of control.

Joel Smallbone, Derek Blakeney, and Cory J. Broussard, 2016, rated PG-13

A widower who loses custody of his daughter finds himself unable to hold down a job. He agrees to drive a truck across the country, no questions asked. When he discovers what he is delivering, he is faced with a life-changing choice.

Ultimate Legacy
Ultimate Legacy
Raquel Welch, Brian Dennehy, Doug Jones, Logan Bartholomew, Myko Oliver, Ali Hillis, Bill Cobbs, and Lee Meriwether, 2015, not rated

A self-absorbed young man is challenged to grow a conscience and change his ways in order to receive an inheritance from his grandmother.

Versailles. Season One
George Blagden, Alexander Vlahos, and Tygh Runyan, 2017, not rated

In 1667, the powerful king of France, Louis XIV, is but 28 years old when he decides to build Versailles, the greatest palace in the world. After draining the budget, affairs and political intrigues complicate things.

The Vessel
The Vessel
Martin Sheen, Lucas Quintana, and Jacqueline Duprey, 2016, rated pg-13

A local priest of a Latin American fishing village is recovering from a tsunami that washed away dozens of elementary school students. Ten years later, one of the young villagers miraculously comes back to life, and the whole town wonders if he is a sign from God.

Jenna Coleman, Tom Hughes, and Rufus Sewell, 2017, not rated

In 1837, a diminutive, neglected teenager is crowned Queen Victoria, navigates the scandal, corruption, and political intrigues of the Court, and soon rises to become the most powerful woman in the world.

Wentworth. Season 1
Danielle Cormack, Nicole Da Silva, Kris McQuade, Georgia Flood, Leeanna Walsman, Kate Atkinson, Robbie Magasiva, and Aaron Jeffery, 2016, 
not rated

When Bea Smith arrives at Wentworth Prison, arrested for the attempted murder of her abusive husband, she is thrown head-first into a hostile and unforgiving environment with rules of its own. Bea tries to stay out of trouble, but quickly becomes caught up in a brutal rivalry between celebrity inmate Franky and former mob boss Jacs . Wentworth proves to be a dangerous place for the officers as well as the inmates, who are often prisoners to their own personal dilemmas.

The Whole Truth
The Whole Truth
Renee Zellweger, Keanu Reeves, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Kenneth Choi, Sean Bridgers, James Belushi, and Gabriel Basso, 2016, rated r

Defense attorney Richard Ramsay takes on a personal case when he swears to his widowed friend, Loretta Lassiter that he will keep her son Mike out of prison. Charged with murdering his father, Mike initially confesses to the crime. But as the trial proceeds, chilling evidence about the kind of man that Boone Lassiter really was comes to light. While Ramsay uses the evidence to get his client acquitted, his new colleague Janelle tries to dig deeper.