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Movies are checked out for one week - unlike music and books.

May list by Nanette Alderman
The Affair
The Affair. Season Three
Joshua Jackson, Maura Tierney, Dominic West, and Ruth Wilson, 2016,
not ratED

Three years after Noah's shocking admission of guilt at the murder trial of Scott Lockhart, he attempts to restart his life, but the damage wrought by his past decisions has made him a ghost of his former self. Alison has been raising daughter Joanie alongside Cole and Luisa in Montauk, but Alison's past continues to rear its ugly head as Cole and Luisa attempt to build their own future.

Call the Midwife
Call the Midwife. Season 6Jenny Agutter, Linda Bassett, Helen George, and Judy Parfitt, 2017,
Rated tv-pg

When the rather austere Sister Ursula is appointed the new head of Nonnatus House, Sister Julienne finds herself demoted and working back alongside the midwives as an ordinary member of staff.

Dark Angel
Dark AngelJoanna Forggatt, Alun Armstrong, and Isla McMonigle, 2017, Rated tv-14

A cold blooded Victorian serial killer kills three husbands and eleven children. Based on a true story, she was eventually caught and hung for her crimes in 1873.

The Free World
The Free WorldBoyd Holbrook, Elisabeth Moss, Austin Amelio, and Octavia Spencer, 2016, Rated r

A recently released former convict becomes involved with a married woman with an abusive husband.

The Girl with All the Gifts
The Girl with All the GiftsGemma Arterton, Paddy Considine, Glenn Close, and Sennia Nanua, 2016, Rated r

Humanity has been all but destroyed by a fungal disease that eradicates free will and turns its victims into flesh-eating 'hungries'. Only a small group of children seem to be immune to its effects. At an army base in rural England, these unique children are being studied and subjected to cruel experiments. When the base falls, one little girl escapes and must discover what she is, ultimately deciding both her own future and that of the human race.

The Gospel of Mark
The Gospel of MarkSelva Rasalingam, Karima Gouit, and Ramdane Aala, 2014, not Rated

The first ever word-for-word adaptation of this biblical text. This critically acclaimed production is based on the latest theological, historical, and archaeological research and offers an unforgettable, highly authentic telling of the Jesus story, ending with the empty tomb, a promise to meet again in Galilee, and Jesus's instructions to spread the good news of the resurrection.

HackerCallan McAuliffe, Lorraine Nicholson, and Daniel Eric Gold, 2016, Rated r

With the help of his new friends Alex Danyliuk turns to a life of crime and identity theft.

The Kennedys: After Camelot
The Kennedys: After CamelotKatie Holmes, Matthew Perry, Kristen Hager, Ted Atherton, Kristin Booth, Ari Cohen, and Diana Hardcastle, 2017, not Rated

They were America's royals, blessed with great gifts and burdened with great flaws. This miniseries peels back the veneer of power, fame, and wealth, and shows them as they really were: all too human after all.

Lad: A Yorkshire StoryNancy Clarkson, Mario Demetriou, Oliver Exley, Alex Froom, Robert Hayes, and Liam Thomas, 2016, not Rated

When Tom Proctor's dad dies, his world falls apart: his brother joins the army, his mum is threatened with eviction, and Tom gets into trouble with the police.

New Life
New LifeJames Marsters, Terry O'Quinn, Barry Corbin, Bill Cobbs, Kris Lemche, Erin Bethea, Jonathan Patrick Moore, Drew Waters, and Irma P. Hall, 2016,
Rated pg

Benjamin Morton's life changed forever the day he met the little girl next door. Ava was and always would be the girl of his dreams. What began as a childhood friendship grows into a meaningful relationship as the two plan out their lives together. When life takes a turn neither of them expected, their entire future is called into question, and they must decide what it really means to make the most of life.

The Night Shift
The Night Shift. Season OneEoin Macken, Jill Flint, Brendan Fehr, Robert Bailey Jr., JR Lemon, Ken Leung, Alma Sisneros, and Esodie Geiger, 2014, not Rated

An ensemble medical show about a group of ex-Army doctors who work the night shift at a hospital and do whatever it takes to help their patients. Using battlefield‐tested medical skills, doctors clash with hospital bureaucrats who are more worried about the bottom line than the lives of their patients.

Orange Is the New Black
Orange Is the New Black. Season Four
Taylor Schilling, Danielle Brooks, and Taryn Manning, 2016, not rated

New faces and old resentments make for a potentially volatile blend, especially now that Litchfield is a for-profit business. This season delves into the racial and economic tensions that run rampant in the halls of Litchfield. Overrun with new inmates and overseen by inexperienced guards, the prison undergoes an unprecedented culture war.

Outsiders. Season Two
Johanna McGinley, David Morse, Ryan Hurst, Kyle Gallner, and Thomas M. Wright, 2017, not rated

A struggle for power and control set in the rugged and mysterious hills of Appalachia, which tells the story of the Farrell clan, a family of outsiders who've been in these parts since before anyone can remember. Living off the grid and above the law on their mountaintop homestead, they'll protect their world and defend their way of life using any means necessary.

Sophie and the Rising Sun
Sophie and the Rising Sun
Julianne Nicholson, Takashi Yamaguchi, Margo Martindale, Diane Ladd, and Lorraine Toussaint, 2016, rated r

Set in the autumn of 1941 in Salty Creek, a willowy fishing village in South Carolina, the film tells the compelling story of two interracial lovers, Sophie, an artist who also fishes and sells crabs to the townfolk, the other an Asian gentleman, swept up in the tides of history.

Suits. Season Six
Gabriel Macht, Patrick J. Adams, Rick Hoffman, Gina Torres, and Meghan Markle, 2016, rated tv-14

After signing a plea deal to spare his colleagues at Pearson Specter Litt, Mike faces the harsh realities of prison life as he starts his two-year sentence. Meanwhile, the once bustling PSL offices are now a ghost town. The partners have defected, leaving Harvey, Jessica, Louis, Donna, and Rachel to pick up the pieces. With the firm facing numerous lawsuits as fallout of the plea deal, and Harvey on a mission to get Mike released from prison, PSL's troubles are far from over.

Unleashing Mr. Darcy
Unleashing Mr. Darcy
Ryan Paevey, Cindy Busby, Frances Fisher, and Elizabeth McLaughlini, 2015, 
not rated

In this modern day spin on 'Pride & Prejudice,' Elizabeth Scott, is fishing for direction in her life and gets the opportunity to professionally shoe her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in a fancy New York dog show. Dog show judge Donovan Darcy comes across as aristocratic and rude and a chain of misunderstandings unfold during the competition, complicating their mutual attraction.

When Calls the Heart
When Calls the Heart: Heart of Truth
Lori Loughlin, Daniel Lissing, Erin Krakow, and Jack Wagner, 2017, not rated

Life is always busy and full of challenges in Hope Valley. Abigail must deal with the railroad potentially coming to Hope Valley and the benefits and costs that would come with it. Elizabeth and Jack have volunteered to coach the kids in baseball, and Elizabeth works hard to inspire a young boy who is sure he cannot participate due to a leg injury. With her encouragement, the boy is able to find the courage to take part in the game.