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Movies are checked out for one week - unlike music and books.

November list by Nanette Alderman
Brigsby Bear
Brigsby BearKyle Mooney, Mark Hamill, Jane Adams, Greg Kinnear, Matt Walsh, Michaela Watkins, and Kyan Simpkins, 2017, not rated

Brigsby Bear Adventures is a children's TV show produced for an audience of one: James. When the show abruptly ends, James's life changes forever, and he sets out to finish the story himself.

A Date for Mad Mary
A Date for Mad MarySeana Kerslake, Tara Lee, Charleigh Bailey, and Denise McCormack, 2016,
not rated

Mary McArdle returns to her small Irish home town after a short spell in prison; for something she'd rather forget. Everything and everyone seems different. Her best friend, Charlene, is about to get married and Mary is maid of honor. Charlene refuses Mary a 'plus one' on the grounds that she can't find a date, Mary becomes determined to prove her wrong. Her attempts at dating are a disaster, until she meets Jess, the lesbian wedding photographer; and everything changes.

Don Quixote
Don Quixote: The Ingenious Gentleman of
La Mancha
James Franco, Carmen Argenziano, Horatio Sanz, Luis Guzman, Vera Cherny, and Lin Shaye, 2015, not rated

Based on the epic Cervantes novel, the picture chronicles the wild journey of Don Quixote and his loyal squire, Sancho Panza, as they go tilting at windmills and attempt to bring gentlemanly honor and chivalry back to a sometimes less than courteous world.

Firehouse Christmas
Firehouse ChristmasAnna Hutchison, Marcus Rosner, Anita Brown, and Bruce Dawson, 2016,
not rated

Firefighter Jenny falls in love with Tom, but his ex-wife, bestselling author Mary, is demanding reconciliation or she will keep their daughter away from him over the holidays. With her natural grace and life-saving skills, Jenny starts to convince everyone that she's the better woman. But Mary's anger is relentless as one woman's pride battles another's true love.

The Gilmore Girls
Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. Season 1Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Scott Patterson, and Kelly Bishop, 2016,
not rated

Set nearly a decade after the finale of the original series, this revival follows Lorelai, Rory and Emily Gilmore through four seasons of change.

Hermia and Helena
Hermia & HelenaAgustina Munoz, Maria Villar, and Mati Diop, 2016, not rated

Camila, a young Argentine theater director, travels from Buenos Aires to New York for an artist residency to work on a new Spanish translation of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. Upon her arrival, she quickly realizes that her work isn't compensating for the loss of her friends and the lover she left behind. When she begins to receive a series of mysterious postcards from Danièle, Camila second-guesses her artistic endeavors and begins to seek answers about her past.

I Do...Until I Don't
I Do...Until I Don'tLake Bell, Mary Steenburgen, and Ed Helms, 2017, rated r

In Vero Beach, Florida, a trio of couples at various points in their relationships become the subjects of a film about marriage being an antiquated idea that needs a reboot: Why not turn marriage into a seven-year deal with an option to renew? For Alice and Noah, more than a hint of boredom is setting in as they approach their first decade together and the prospect of parenthood. Meanwhile, Alice’s funky sister Fanny is sure her "open marriage" to Zander is the key to their free-spirited happiness. And then there's Cybil and Harvey, a pair of empty-nesters wondering what the next stage will be.

LemonInger Tudor, Brett Gelman, Judy Greer, Michael Cera, Jeff Garlin, Megan Mullally, and Rhea Perlman, 2017, not rated

A stylish and original dark comedy about a perpetual loser whose life goes from bad to worse when his longtime girlfriend dumps him. His attempts to get over the breakup, embarrassing career, and overbearing family overwhelm his once big dreams. Now he just watches as his life unravels.

Rake. Series 4Richard Roxburgh and John Waters, 2016, not rated

Smart but self-destructive lawyer Cleaver Greene faces new challenges to his career and his personal life as the hit Australian comedy drama returns. Last seen dangling from a runway hot air balloon, Cleaver crashes into the window of wanted criminal Edgar Thompson. Forced out of hiding, Edgar stirs up a huge corruption scandal involving most of the politicians in Sydney, and vows revenge.