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Movies are checked out for one week - unlike music and books.

November list
Baby First dvd
Baby First - Tillie Knock KnockMill Creek Entertainment, 2015, not rated

Tillie is a friendly neighborhood duck with a wonderful sense of humor and lots of friends. Tillie is so much fun to be around, that her friends are constantly dropping by her place for surprise play-dates. Tillie loves when that happens, because then she can play her favorite game in the whole world-guessing who's knocking on her door! As young viewers listen and play along, tillie knock-knock introduces them to animal names and the typical sounds they make.

Blaze dvd
Blaze and the Monster Machines - High-Speed AdventuresNickelodeon, 2015, not rated

Let's blaaaze into four high-speed races with the Monster Machines! Help Blaze and AJ use adhesion to stop Zeg from bouncing away and acceleration to get Darington to the Stuntmania Super Track. Plus, win a sailboat race with the right parts and wind power, and even team up with Pickle for Team Truck Challenge Day!

Lego Friends dvd
Lego Friends - Friends Together AgainWarner Home Video, 2015,  not rated

Friends continues to follow five main characters: Olivia, Mia, Andrea, Emma, and Stephanie, and their lives in Heartlake City depicting their houses, hobbies, cars and favorite places to spend free time. The different interests of the girls reflect on the sets they are included in and are meant to help a girl find a character whose interests identify with her own.

Pirate Pals dvd
Pirate PalsPhase 4 Films, 2015, not rated

Ahoy mateys! It's time to cast off and set sail on a sunny, funny voyage with all the Treehouse Pals! Join crewmates Franklin, Max and Ruby, Toopy and Binoo and others as they sail the seas of fun, friendship and adventure.

Strawberry Shortcake dvd
Strawberry Shortcake - Berry Tales20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, 2015, not rated

It's "curtains up" on fun times when Strawberry and her pals take to the stage and put on a show in these berry special episodes. In "Snowberry and the Seven Berrykins", Plum Pudding puts on a small and simple play. Huckleberry Pie agrees to be in a production of "Berryella and Prince Berry Charming". And in "The Littles Berrykin", Strawberry plays a princess on a quest to rule a kingdom.