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Movies are checked out for one week - unlike music and books.

March list by L. Buehler
Lego DC Super Heroes - The Flash
Lego DC Super Heroes - The FlashWarner Bros., 2018, Not Rated

The morning sun shines on the jewel of the Metropolis skyline, The Daily Planet building. But when the Joker decides this building needs a renovation, it's time to sound the trouble alert because all bricks are about to break loose.

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: Spring into Friendship
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: Spring into Friendship
Shout! Kids, 2017, TV-y

It's time to Spring into friendship with five exciting pony adventures. When Twilight Sparkle has two tickets to the Grand Galloping Gala, she has to decide which of her pony pals should go with her. And young filly Apple Bloom makes some very special friends to help her discover her cutie mark. During an important celebration in Equestria, Twilight and her friends must work together when Princess Luna and Princess Celestia go missing.

New Adventures of Peter Rabbit
New Adventures of Peter RabbitDreamscape media, llc, 2018, not rated

Hop into this delightful version of Beatrix Potter's classic story in the marvelously animated song-and-laughter-filled adventure. Peter learns that being honest and sticking together is what counts!

Regal Academy: The Grand Ball
Regal Academy: The Grand Ballpbs kids, 2018, tv-y

It's time for the first Grand Ball! This means big dresses, big dancing, and big dates. Rose ends up taking Hattie, the grandson of the Hatter. Joy wants to go with Esquire Frog, but he's under a powerful frog curse! Can Joy and Rose come up with a plan to break the evil spell before the Fairy Tale Ball ends?

Shimmer and Shine - Beyond the Rainbow Falls
Shimmer and Shine - Beyond the Rainbow Falls nickelodeon/Paramount, 2017, not rated

Shimmer and Shine sail through the Rainbow Waterfall into Rainbow Zahramay, a hidden world of new genie friends, mermaids, flower sprites and more.

Wacky Races: Start Your Engines! Season 1, Volume 1
Wacky Races: Start Your Engines! Season 1, Volume 1 warner Bros., 2018, not rated

Buckle up your little racer for a high-speed good time; it is back in an all-new animated series. Inspired by the classic series. These ten adventures are jam-packed with fast, furious fun. Your favorite racers like Penelope Pitstop, Peter Perfect, the diabolical Dick Dastardly and his snickering sidekick Muttley are here, alongside newcomers Patty Pending, Princess Mimi, and Captain Crankshaft and his Skeleton Crew. Race around the world with this wacky bunch.