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Movies are checked out for one week - unlike music and books.

August list by Laura Berube
Adventure Time dvd
Adventure Time - The SuitorCartoon Network, 2014, not rated

Featuring sixteen full length episodes that highlight everyone's favorite characters from the land of Ooo.

Chuggington dvd
Chuggington - Explorer KokoAnchor Bay Entertainment, 2014, not rated

She's built for speed and loves a challenge! Everyone's best friend Koko is chosen to carry the King of Buffertonia and his dignitaries on a special tour of Chuggington. Koko also gets hooked on a computer game trying to beat Hodge's high score and finds herself in a spot of trouble when her net shooter fails on the tracks! Brewster, Wilson, and Koko learn the importance of teamwork, leadership, how to handle an emergency, and more traintastic life skills!

Fuzzy Tales dvd
Fuzzy Tales - Snow White and the Seven Dwarf BunniesKaboom! Entertainment, 2014, not rated

Snow White adopts seven adorable dwarf bunnies. She cooks and cleans and loves her bunnies, but notices something strange, everyday there are ₁MORE BUNNIES.₂ She gets so tired from cooking and cleaning for 42 bunnies that she has to lay down for a rest. Just when she thinks she's had enough, Prince Charming arrives and is smitten with her. He invites her to be princess of his veggie kingdom and to bring along all her bunnies; where there are plenty of vegetables for every-bunny.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse dvd
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - Around the Clubhouse WorldBuena Vista Home Entertainment, 2014, not rated

Join Mickey, Minnie and pals on a whirlwind trip! Climb the Eiffel Tower in France and say bonjour to Mademoiselle Daisy and Monsieur Donald Duck. Then, rescue Gondolier Goofy when he goes adrift in Italy's Grand Canal; solve the mysterious riddle of Pharaoh Pete's pyramid in Egypt, and meet a dancing dragon at the Great Wall of China. Featuring over two hours of song-filled fun, the global adventure proves it's a small world after all!

Octonauts dvd
Octonauts - To the Gup-X!NCircle Entertainment, 2014, not rated

Captain Barnacles leads a mission to rescue Dashi, who is trapped inside a giant whale shark, and Kwazii takes to the skies to retrieve a precious book from a school of flying fish! Peso tries to bandage a Great White Shark without becoming his lunch, and much, much more!

Pacman dvd
PacMan and the Ghostly Adventures - Ghost Patrol!Phase 4 Films, 2014, not rated

In order to learn the secret location of the Repository, Betrayus and Dr. Buttocks hatch a diabolical scheme that catches all of PacWorld off guard. What ensues is a wild and wacky race against Pac and pals to see who gets to the Repository first!

Paw Patrol dvd
Paw PatrolParamount, 2014, not rated

A pack of six heroic puppies, Chase, Marshall, Rocky, Zuma, Rubble, and Skye, are led by a tech-savvy ten-year-old boy named Ryder. With a unique blend of problem-solving skills, cool vehicles and lots of cute doggy humor, the Paw Patrol works together on high-stakes rescue missions to protect the Adventure Bay community.

Sesame Street dvd
Sesame Street - Cookie Monster and FriendsWarner Home Video, 2014, not rated

C is for Cookie Monster and that's good enough for everyone! Welcome to a song filled, smile making, simply scrumptious video.

Strawberry Shortcake dvd
Strawberry Shortcake - Berry Big Help20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, 2014, not rated

Join Strawberry Shortcake and her berry best pals on some sweet sunshine adventures! Episodes include: No Blueberry is an Island; Where the Berry Breeze Blows; and The Berry Best Vacation.