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Movies are checked out for one week - unlike music and books.

August list by Laura Berube
Bob the Builder
Bob the Builder - Yes We Can!hit entertainment, 2017, not rated

Bob the Farmer: Bob volunteers to look after the farm for Farmer Pickeles, but taking care of the farm animals is not so easy. It seems Bob is a better builder than he is a farmer! Where's Muck? - Muck can't wait to dig into a muddy job helping Bob repair a riverbank! Roley's Important Job: When Roley tags along on job, he rolls away when he finds he's not needed, and more.

Elmo's World
Elmo's World - Elmo's Wonderful Worldsesame street workshop., 2017, not rated

In this brand-new update of Elmo's World, Elmo explores kindness, sharing, counting, bees, dress-up, and much more! He is joined by his new friend Smartie, his old pal Mr. Noodle, and Mr.Noodle's dog Schmoodle! Preschoolers will love to learn along with Elmo!

Kate and Mim-Mim
Kate & Mim-Mim - Super Kate
pbs kids., 2017, tv-y

When Kate can't jump high enough to retrieve a ball stuck in a tree, she wonders what it would be like to have superpowers. In Mimiloo, Tack's new Supercharger invention gives everyone superpowers!

Mickey and the Roadster Racers
Mickey and the Roadster Racers - Start Your Enginesdisney, 2017, rated tv-y

Join your favorite characters, and their high-speed transforming Roadsters, as they compete in thrilling races stretching from Hot Dog Hills to Hawaii, and all the way to London, England! You will meet the world's greatest spy, zoom through the skies in a revved up hot air balloon race, and even return the Queen's stolen Royal Ruby! It is all about great friends, a little competition, and gearing up for wild fun!

My Little Pony
My Little Pony Equestria Girls - Magical Movie Nightshout! factory, 2017, tv-y

Dance Magic: Rarity convinces her friends to enter a music video contest. Movie Magic: Rainbow Dash is thrilled when she and the rest of the girls are invited to visit the set of the upcoming Daring Do movie. Mirror Magic: Sunset Shimmer travels to Equestria and invites Starlight Glimmer to visit Canterlot High.

PJ Masks
PJ Masks - Time to Be a Hero 20th Century fox, 2017, rated g

Join Catboy, Owlette and Gekko on their nighttime missions, into the night to save the day. Gekko's desire not to take the blame for stealing Cameron's mini-car allows Luna Girl to almost destroy HQ! Owlette tries to get back at Night Ninja by destroying his masterpiece statue, but she learns two wrongs don't make a right.

Powerpuff Girls
The Powerpuff Girls - The Last Donnycorncartoon network., 2017, rated tv-pg

Unicorn Land is under attack and the Powerpuff Girls must team up with Donny the unicorn to save the day.