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Movies are checked out for one week - unlike music and books.

October list by Nanette Alderman
Banshee. The Complete Fourth Season
Antony Starr, Ivana Milicevic, Ulrich Thomsen, Frankie Faison, and Matt Servitto, 2016, rated tv-ma

The fourth and final season finds Lucas working with Veronica Dawson, a FBI profiler. An ex-con assumes the identity of the sheriff of a small, out-of-the-way Pennsylvania town, where he continues his criminal ways while trying to keep off the radar of ruthless mobsters he double-crossed years before.

Barbarians Rising
Barbarians Rising
Kirsty Mitchell, Ian Beattie, Steven Berkoff, Tom Hopper, Fintan McKeown, and Steven Waddington, 2016, not rated

The epic story of the rise and fall of the Roman Empire from the perspective of the barbarian leaders who brought it down. The Roman Empire called them 'barbarians,' savage tribes beyond the fringe of civilization. But they were also some of the fiercest warriors in history, men and women who rose up against absolute power so that they might live free, or die.

BeowulfKieran Bew, William Hurt, Ed Speelers, and Joanne Whalley, 2016, rated tv-14

Reimagines one of literature's most enduring heroes, the great warrior Beowulf. Featuring an ensemble cast of fascinating and fantastical characters, this epic drama follows Beowulf as he strives to be a man as well as hero, challenging the notions of good and evil, heroes and villains, and the rule of law against one's moral code.

Beyond Valkyrie
Beyond Valkyrie: Dawn of the Fourth ReichSean Patrick Flanery, Tom Sizemore, Rutger Hauer, Stephen Lang, and Kip Pardue, 2016, rated r

June 6th 1944, resistance bombings relentlessly bombard the enemy causing dissention to rise amongst the Nazi forces. As Operation Valkyrie prepares to assassinate Adolph Hitler, an Allied special ops team prepares to extract the man destined to lead post war Germany. But after Valkyrie fails, everything changes. Now, unlikely allies must work together to stop a group of Nazi Officers from fleeing to Argentina and establish the Fourth Reich.

The Musketeers
The Musketeers. The Complete 3rd SeasonLuke Pasqualino, Santiago Cabrera, Tom Burke, Howard Charles, Peter Capaldi, Ryan Gage, Hugo Speer, Tamla Kari, Alexandra Dowling, and Maimie McCoy, 2016, not rated

In war-torn France, a sinister new battle awaits the Musketeers, as the swashbuckling hit series returns for a thrilling third installment. The royal bodyguards for Louis XllI, Athos, Aramis, Porthos and d'Artagnan are back to combat a dangerous new enemy lurking in the shadows of the city. It's a task that will challenge their allegiances to the crown, throw their personal lives into turmoil and compromise their loyalty to those they love, and to each other.

Our Kind of Traitor
Our Kind of TraitorNaomie Harris, Ewan McGregor, Stellan Skarsgard, Damian Lewis, Alicia Von Rittberg, and Jeremy Northam, 2016, rated r

While on vacation, a married couple unwittingly befriends a flamboyant and charismatic Russian named Dima, who, unbeknownst to them, is a kingpin money launderer for the mafia. When Dima confides to his new friends that he plans to escape from the mob, they're quickly swept into the dangerous world of international espionage. The unlikely companions must undertake a perilous journey through Paris, Bern, and London in order to save Dima and his family.

Vikings. Season 4, Volume 1
Travis Fimmel, Alexander Ludwig, and Jessalyn Gilsig, 2016, not rated

Vikings returns for a gripping fourth season. Season three culminated with the extraordinary battle in Paris, where Ragnar seized victory from the jaws of defeat, but still returns to Kattegat dangerously ill. Thoughts of his death galvanize the forces who seek to succeed him as king, including his wife Queen Aslaug and his oldest son, Bjorn. Meanwhile, Lagertha continues power struggles with her calculating, former second in command, Kalf.