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Movies are checked out for one week - unlike music and books.

June list by Nanette Alderman
DuskJohn McGlothlin, Ford D'Aprix, Juliana Harkavy, Todd Litzinger, and Ron Kidd, 2015, not rated

John Whitmore's world is turned upside down when he wakes one morning to find that his wife has been kidnapped. A mysterious recording left in her place demands that he contact a man who will escort him to a cabin deep in the woods. If he follows the plan exactly, John will be reunited with Anne in exchange for his life savings. As they set out for the cabin, John begins to question not only those involved, but his own sanity as well.

Guns for Hire
Guns for Hire
Ever Carradine, Michele Hicks, Ben Mendelsohn, Tony Shalhoub, Sarah Shahi, and Orlando Jones, 2015, not rated

Beatle is a quirky loner who refuses to live by society's rules. Her business cards read 'Towing/Assassination,' and she even has a hit man infomercial to go along with it. Her only human contact is with her psychiatrist and the stripper/hooker she employs once a week. Everything changes the night she meets Athena Klendon, a suicidal blonde with a secret. With a demented killer on their tail, courtesy of Athena's crooked former employer, the two quickly strike a bargain.

Hunting Season
Hunting SeasonTom Sizemore, Eric Roberts, Clifton Powell, Miguel A. Nunez Jr., Marcus D. Spencer, Jackie Dallas, and Michael Placencia, 2015, not rated

Just like being in the wild, the hunt is on! But this chase is far from fair. This is an action-charged thriller about stockbrokers who are hunting very interesting prey; people. Two FBI agents become involved in a missing person's case which leads them to the stockbrokers who are doing a lot more than just investing.

The Last Panthers
The Last PanthersSamantha Morton, John Hurt, Tahar Rahim, and Goran Bogdan, 2015,
not rated

When several diamonds are stolen from a jewelry store in Marseilles, the heist bears the hallmarks of the supposedly retired Pink Panther gang. After a child is accidentally killed in their getaway, the thieves resort to desperate measures to fence the jewels. This sparks a series of events that set a British insurance-loss adjuster, a French-Algerian cop, and a Serbian soldier turned diamond thief on a dramatic and dangerous collision course.

Legend of the Lost
Legend of the LostJohn Wayne, Sophia Loren, and Rossano Brazzi, 1957, not rated

A treasure hunter hires an intrepid guide to help locate the fabled lost city of Ophir and its treasure.

Mythica: The Necromancer
Mythica: The NecromancerMelanie Stone, Adam Johnson, Jake Stormoen, and Kevin Sorbo, 2015,
not rated

When her most loyal friend is taken hostage by Peregus Malister, the cruel master of the Thieves Guild, Marek must embark on a corrupt mission to serve the Thieves Guild with her team of would-be heroes. But when the mission leads them into the clutches of Szorlok, their greatest enemy, Marek must sacrifice her ambitions, and perhaps her own soul, to stop Szorlok from obtaining the Darkspore.

SabotageArnold Schwarzenegger, Sam Worthington, Joe Manganiello, Josh Holloway, Terrence Howard, Max Martini, Mireille Enos, and Olivia Williams, 2014, rated r

Arnold Schwarzenegger leads an elite DEA task force that takes on the world's deadliest drug cartels. When the team successfully executes a high-stakes raid on a cartel safe house, they think their work is done - until, one-by-one, the team members mysteriously start to be eliminated. As the body count rises, everyone is a suspect.

Viking War
Viking War: The Last Battle of the VikingsETravis Fimmel, Paula Patton, Ben Foster, Dominic Cooper, Robert Kazinsky, Clancy Brown, and Toby Kebbell, 2016, rated pg-13

Experience the Earth-shattering battle for control of the fledgling Scottish nation. When 900 Norwegian Vikings stormed into Scotland in 1263, terrorizing and colonizing as they went, 500 Scottish knights were tasked with ending the calamitous events that were unfolding. Professor Jon Henderson sheds new light on the incredible story of the final, tumultuous days of the Vikings and reveals the lasting legacy of the brutal men that crossed the North Sea to ravage Scotland.