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Library Exhibits

All exhibits can be seen in the libraries during regular business hours.


paul marto
Paul J. Marto Jr. Photography

Paul is passionate about nature and wildlife photography. He loves the challenge that arises from the unpredictability of his subjects when he is trying to capture the perfect wildlife moment. He is a native of California but recently moved to Salt Lake City. Paul’s work has recently been highlighted by National Geographic, Bolsa Chica Conservancy, Sea & Sage Audubon Society, The Environmental Nature Center, The O.C. Register, Irvine World News,,, Irvine Valley College and Photo of the "Through my photography, I am trying to bring awareness to the abundant collection of wildlife that cohabit the Salt Lake area. The more we know about these amazing animals and their requirements for survival, the better prepared we will be to live a peaceful coexistence with them. I strive to present brilliant photographs of these wonderful creatures, large and small, in a way that will both inspire and educate."

  • Viridian Event CenterOctober-November


Scot Aaron Photography

Scot Aaron's Photo Art seeks to open portals of imagination and fill souls with revelatory light. "How can a moment from the click of a camera's shutter encompass a world of depth and breadth, as if the globe in ‘a grain of sand?'."

  • Columbus LibraryOctober


zoom in exhibit
Zoom In on a Great Design Photography

An exhibit of photographs submitted for our Summer Library Program contest, including winners and finalists.

  • West Jordan LibraryOctober-November


autumn exhibit
Autumn in Cottonwood Heights Photography

An exhibit of photographs by local photographers.

  • Whitmore LibraryOctober


James F. Olson Oils

Exhibit of oil paintings by local artist

  • Holladay libraryOctober